Your Festival Area

The open stand structure of an old ponderosa pine forest. While ...When Jim McCarty began work on the Village, the property known as the Festival Area was loosely defined. Jim had no immediate plans to turn the RSA over to the residents. His strategy was to slowly develop all of the land, his timeline being dictated by interest and demand. The big vision for the area resided in Jim’s head. It was not urgent that he define anything in the beginning. He was anxious for the area to be enjoyed so he built hiking trails and installed exercise equipment without a clear vision of what that might mean if he wasn’t around to finish his project.

When Jim died, plans for the area changed. The new intent was to sell the existing lots and turn the RSA over to the members. In preparation for the eventual transfer of the RSA to the residents, the Association attorney advised the board that it would be in the best interest of the Association to survey the Festival Area. A survey was completed at the expense of the developer and a fence will soon be installed to delineate the Festival Area.

Portions of a few of the hiking trails will require relocation in order to be inside the boundaries of the survey. In addition, one of the exercise stations and one or two of the disc golf targets will also need to be moved. When this has been completed, a title report will be provided to the Transition Committee for their examination.

The Recreational Subdivision Association has an agreement to lease the Festival Area, hiking trails, ponds, exercise stations and other things located within the Festival Area. The lease is available on the Village People website at It is located on the Documents, Forms and Downloads page.

Speeding through the Village

Cars Race-O-Rama Cartoon Game ALL EPISODES Video Gameplay ...The Village doesn’t have sidewalks and people stroll through the area on the streets with dogs and children in tow. Speeding cars and trucks are a dangerous mix in this environment.

Discussing speed in the Village has been controversial and everyone has an opinion. The vocal minority insist they are adults and don’t need speed bumps in order to slow down. However, every year there are people quietly asking the board to do something about those who don’t think the rules apply to them.

The most recent plea came from a resident on Cattle Drive. The complaint is that several people think it is okay to drive 30 to 35 miles per hour and even going the wrong way at these speeds. The request is for two speed bumps on that street.

Please don’t be the one who causes speed bumps to be placed on Cattle Drive. Village safety is much more important that an individual’s need to practice their skills for the next NASCAR race.

Receiving Packages in the Village

Preventing stolen packages | KX NEWSA Fed Ex driver was roaming the Village last Friday night to see if there was someone who could help her figure out how to get deliveries to people. She said she had at least twenty packages in her vehicle with incomplete addresses. She was stressed at the inability to make her deliveries. She received help from Sandra Hudgel who was instrumental in supplying the information for this blog post.

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Perhaps you recently noticed that the dumpsters and roll-offs have new homes. With the work that was completed on the clubhouse parking lot and entry ways we took the opportunity to make some changes.

The goals were to 1) reduce the wear and tear on the parking lot and entrance caused by the garbage trucks; 2) create a way to make it easier for members to use the roll-offs; 3) add another dumpster to contain the residential waste; 4) eliminate the need for heavy equipment to move the dumpsters to clean the enclosure and keep the drains flowing. All garbage containers are now located on the northeast side of the parking lot, downwind from the pavilion, bocce ball court, and horseshoe pits.

The garbage trucks come in the main clubhouse entrance and exit onto Recreation Loop, making their way to Vacation Village Drive. The last piece of the puzzle, signage, should be here in the next few weeks. All household waste should be placed in the dumpsters and not in the roll-offs.  The roll-offs are for green waste, cardboard, and non-electronic waste. Contractors are prohibited from using the roll-offs or dumpsters.