Calling All Board Members

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The Transition Committee has recommended that the Board of Directors budget and give a lead time in which to educate, train and vet prospects for Board service on the first homeowner-controlled Board of Directors. These recommendations are to ensure the fiscal health and overall well-being of WMVV RSA. The Board agreed to this and will follow the bylaws of the Association in order to help accomplish an orderly transition.

The bylaws state that the Board of Directors shall select a nominating committee consisting of at least two Members, which Members may also be Board Members. The Board has appointed the three current Board Members to act as the nominating committee to nominate candidates for election to the first homeowner-controlled Board.

Per the bylaws, the Board must consist of not less than three or more than five Members. Directors will serve staggered terms of one year. Assuming enough people are interested in running, the current Board acting as the nominating committee intends to nominate five Members to serve on the first homeowner-controlled Board. To implement staggered terms, two directors will be elected for one-year terms, and three directors for two-year terms, with the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes serving the two-year terms. Subsequently, directors will be elected to one-year terms.

The nominating committee will include everyone who qualifies on the ballot. In order to qualify, a candidate must:

  • Be a Member in good standing
  • Complete a Board of Directors Interest Form
  • Submit a resume incorporating relevant background and reason for interest in a board position
  • Attend a three-hour training session covering the roles and responsibilities of RSA board members

Training will take place in the first quarter of 2021 and will be offered several times. When the election of directors occurs, the voting materials will include the resumes/bios of the candidates so that Members can make a judgement as to qualifications.

If you are interested in serving, please complete a Board of Directors Interest Form and submit it to Sherry Watson at or mail it to Sherry at HOAMCO at PO Box 4212, Show Low, AZ 85902. Please include a resume incorporating relevant background and reasons for interest in a board position.

You can find the Board of Directors Interest Form on the Village website at It is located on the Documents, Forms and Downloads page.