2017 Sales

Image result for sold sign imagesThis was a record breaking year for sales in the Village. The developer sold 24 lots in 2017. Sales were strong throughout the year. 2017 wasn’t an election year and temperatures reached record highs in the valley.

Can this pace be maintained 2018? Only the Shadow knows. While there were a few nights that dipped below freezing in the greater Phoenix area, there wasn’t really a winter. Valley residents wanting to escape the brutal summer temperatures could find their way into the Village in 2018.

The stock market has been somewhat volatile in the last few weeks. Sometimes when that happens, people move money to other things and real estate is always a consideration.

If you love living in the Village, spread the word. A happy customer is the best sales person.

Speed Bump Observations

Image result for race car cartoon imagesThe speed bumps are removed every fall in anticipation of winter snows as the snowplow will wreak havoc on them.  When they were removed this year, the Village streets turned into a NASCAR race track. This fact serves to reinforce the need for the speed bumps.

Village people have strong opinions on both sides of the speed bump issue. However, in order to facilitate a safe environment for people strolling through the Village, the speed bumps will be put out again this spring.

We have learned a few lessons in the past few years about how many speed bumps are necessary and where best to position them. When people started driving the wrong way on one-way streets, we realized that every street needed speed bumps.

The board takes safety in the Village seriously and the speed bumps will impede people from driving above the posted limit. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.