Clubhouse Lease

When White Mountain Vacation Village was conceived, a clubhouse was envisioned. Since the Association did not have funds or credit history to construct a clubhouse the developer borrowed money to build it. The money had to be repaid by the Association. In order to accomplish repayment in a fair and equitable manner, a lease between the developer and the Association was created.

The lease payment generates enough money to repay the loan. The lease began on August 1st 2005 and is for twenty years. At the end of the lease term, the Association has the option to purchase the clubhouse as long as certain conditions have been met. One of those conditions is that the tenant (Association) has paid the Minimum Guaranteed Rental and all other monetary obligations owed to landlord under the lease.

Arizona law requires that consideration be given when real property is sold. To satisfy this requirement, the Association must pay the landlord one dollar ($1.00) at the end of the lease.

The full lease may be reviewed on the Village People website. It can be found on the Documents, Forms and Downloads page.


New AC Unit in Clubhouse Kitchen

Image result for ac unit cartoon imageThe Advisory Committee is at it again. They proposed a new air conditioning unit for installation in the kitchen in 2017. The Board postponed approval until further study could be conducted to determine exactly what would be needed. Mountain Comfort Heating & Cooling will begin installation on Monday morning.

Clubhouse Parking Lot Maintenance Alert

Related imageThe Clubhouse parking lot paving and maintenance will begin on Monday September 10.  Assuming everything goes according to plan, it will take approximately seven working days.  The parking lot will not be completely closed. However, there may be some inconvenience with the garbage and the mail during the latter part of the week.

As always, your patience and understanding is appreciated as your assets are being upgraded and protected.


Contributed by Unit 2 Traffic Flow Committee

The Problem:

Since the installation of speed bumps on Elizabeth to solve the speeding problem on that street, some residents on and above Elizabeth turn left off Vacation Village Dr. onto streets below Elizabeth when entering the village in order to avoid the speed bumps. These more-narrow one-way streets were meant to handle local traffic only and were not designed to handle the increased level of traffic that currently exists. To our knowledge, the only near accident involving a pedestrian occurred on one of the smaller, more-narrow one-way streets which now have significantly increased traffic as a result of the problem stated above. Hence, people walking on the streets below Elizabeth, or children playing in the areas below Elizabeth, now have a much higher probability of experiencing a similar or even worse event due to this increased traffic flow.

Solution Approved by the board:

Reverse the traffic direction on the streets below Elizabeth so that all one-way streets in Unit 2, above and below Elizabeth, have traffic flowing toward Vacation Village Dr. Currently, the residents on or above Elizabeth can use the streets below Elizabeth when entering the village without breaking any rules. By reversing the traffic direction on the streets below Elizabeth, they would be breaking the rules by driving the wrong direction on those streets to avoid the speed bumps. The only costs involved are the re-installation of the one-way signs on the streets below Elizabeth and the purchase of a few extra signs to highlight the changes.

Note: The traffic flow direction on Elizabeth and the streets above Elizabeth does not change and all the existing speed bumps remain in place.

The total amount of traffic on Elizabeth would be the same as if everyone were doing as intended prior to the installation of the speed bumps. In that situation, the people above Elizabeth drive on Elizabeth while entering the village and the people below Elizabeth drive on Elizabeth when leaving the village. By implementing this change, everyone above and below Elizabeth will drive on Elizabeth only when entering the village. Thus, for the same number of round trips, the total traffic on Elizabeth remains the same.

Implementation of the changes

The traffic flow changes will be made on Thursday, August 30. The changes will be handled by volunteer teams and will be completed in less than one day. Volunteers will be posted in key locations to minimize any confusion and to ensure adherence to the new traffic flow direction. Flyers are being distributed to all lots in Unit 2, are being posted on all bulletin boards and are being made available in the clubhouse. Please inform any of your neighbors who do not have email capability of these impending changes to make sure everyone knows.

Note: Implementation of these changes does not guarantee that additional speed bumps will not be required on streets other than Elizabeth in Unit 2. Residents adherence to the speed limit and directional rules is the only thing that can reduce or eliminate the need for additional speed bumps.

Thank you for your cooperation as we make these changes Please direct any questions and/or feedback on any problems that may have occurred both during and after the changeover to:

Road Maintenance Notice

TImage result for road construction cartoon pictureshe first phase of the concrete crack sealing will begin on August 7th in Unit 3. This will take approximately four weeks and no roads will be completely closed off. Traffic will still be able to flow. It will be an inconvenience. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.