Road Maintenance Notice

TImage result for road construction cartoon pictureshe first phase of the concrete crack sealing will begin on August 7th in Unit 3. This will take approximately four weeks and no roads will be completely closed off. Traffic will still be able to flow. It will be an inconvenience. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.


Vacation Village Drive Access

Vacation Village Drive is a dedicated easement for ingress and egress for all property abutting it. As parcels sell access will be provided via the easement along with a proportional cost sharing agreement.

At the 2018 Annual meeting, Donna Holick requested a blog post with a map of the layout of the remaining properties for sale that would use Vacation Village Drive. This is the map. The parcels that will have access from Vacation Village Drive are outlined in pink.

Meet Don Murray – Transition Committee Member

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Don Murray to the Transition Committee. Don and his partner, Sandy Hudgens, have owned in the Village since 2006. Don and Sandy helped form the Activities Committee and served on the committee for five years.

Don’s background in engineering and management, his experience as an owner and operator of commercial real estate, and service to the community on the Activities and Advisory committees will allow him to make a valuable contribution to the Transition Committee during this important time in White Mountain Vacation Village history. The Board looks forward to working closely with the Transition Committee and welcomes Don’s willingness to serve.

Thirsty Wildlife Need Your Help

Thanks to Don Murray for the following which can be found on the Arizona Game and Fish Department website.

During extreme drought AZGFD assists thirsty wildlife

Posted July 6, 2018

Public texts SENDWATER to 41444 to assist department to conserve, protect wildlife

PHOENIX — Water is the essence of life and it’s just as precious for Arizona’s wildlife.

For that reason, the Arizona Game and Fish Department has trucked or airlifted about 600,000 gallons of precious water to catchments throughout the state since January. And trail cameras tell the tale of this important work with footage of elk, deer, bighorn sheep and countless other species leaning over for a refreshing drink at one of 3,000 catchments maintained by the department.


“Water catchments don’t discriminate – they’re used by all wildlife from big game to some of the smallest squirrels, lizards, birds, bats and even bees,” said Joseph Currie,  AZGFD Habitat Planning program manager, who oversees the department’s water catchment efforts. “Our crews typically stop hauling water in August after monsoon rains refill much of our water catchments. However, due to this extreme drought, we haven’t stopped and anticipate having to haul more than 1.5 million gallons of water this year.”

To help defray rising costs of providing life-sustaining water for Arizona’s wildlife, AZGFD recently began its “Water for Wildlife” donation campaign to give the public an opportunity to support its efforts by texting SENDWATER to 41444 from any smartphone. After doing so, a link with the department’s logo will be sent to the phone to complete the donation.

Funding raised ensures that the department can still deliver water to remote regions of the state and help mitigate population fluctuations caused by severe lingering droughts.

“Historic drought periods such as this one were typically followed by massive die-offs of wildlife,” Currie said. “By hauling water, we are able to stabilize those populations, keeping them alive and out of urban areas in search of water.”

While AZGFD partners with many great wildlife groups, the department bears much of the costs to haul water to and maintain about 1,000 of its own catchments statewide, some of which must be filled with water flown in by helicopter. Additionally, the department also maintains an additional 1,000 Bureau of Land Management and 1,000 U.S. Forest Service water catchments.

For more information about how the Arizona Game and Fish Department conserves and protects the state’s wildlife or to make a donation to the Water for Wildlife campaign, visit, or use your smartphone to text SENDWATER to 41444.


Recycling Opportunities

Image result for recycle symbolThanks to Jeanne Schmitz for supplying the following information.

Recycling trailers – Plastics #1, #2, #3 & metal

Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex

958 N Woodland Rd, Lakeside, AZ 85929

(928) 368-8885

Office paper/cardboard

Dumpster in next block west of Lakeside Post Office, same side of street

Lakeside Post Office

1815 W Jackson Lane

Lakeside, AZ

Office paper/cardboard

2 Dumpsters

Pinetop/Lakeside Sanitary District

2600 W Alisa Lane, Lakeside

(Hansen Lane off Hwy-260)

There is no recycling of glass in the Show Low area.

Landscape Lighting

Image result for motion sensor outdoor lights cartoon imagesLandscape Lighting

During the Open Forum at the 2018 Annual meeting, someone commented about motion sensor lights. Please note the following from the Architectural Guidelines.

  1. Landscape Lighting: Up to 10 lights are permitted per Lot. Must be low voltage, UL approved, downward facing and directed away from adjoining properties and/or common area.
  • EXCEPTION: Corner Lots may have up to 20 lights (10 on each side). No spotlights, floodlights, motion detector controlled lights, or any other high intensity lights shall be permitted.
  • EXCEPTION: Low intensity, motion detector controlled lighting may be installed as long as lights are only activated from within or upon the Lot. Must not be activated from street, adjoining lots, or common areas.

The entire document can be viewed on the Village People website on the Architectural Review Committee page. If you have lighting that violates this policy, please take corrective action. Contact Sherry Watson at HOAMCO if you see a violation.

The Bats

Image result for bats images cartoonThese interesting animals roost at the clubhouse every year. We are aware of the mess they are making and have asked Mountains Best to clean it up on a regular basis.

Bats are protected so we are unable to remove them at this point in the summer. Please refer to the blog post of September 12, 2017 for information regarding these interesting creatures.