Reserves – A Savings Plan for the Association

Piggy BankReserve obligations are the most significant expenditures an Association faces. How does an Association know what these obligations are? A diligent Association will commission a reserve study. A reserve study is based upon the science of anticipating and preparing for an Association’s major common areas’ repair and replacement expenses. Projections are being made about the future through the processes of research and analysis using well defined methodologies.

The good news is that White Mountain Vacation Village has a reserve study which was completed in 2006 and updated in 2012. The board relies on the reserve study to properly budget reserve amounts.

The reserve is intended to cover major common area repair and replacement items.  These items are typically a one-time expense versus an ongoing expense, such as regular maintenance.  An example of a one-time expense is pond repair. The 2016 reserve budget has $12,566 under that category. The ponds do not require major repairs every year, hence, they are not an ongoing yearly expense item. However, they do fail from time-to-time and call for a substantial repair expense. The reserve is intended to properly anticipate these expenses and assure that the homeowners are prepared to deal with them.

A poorly funded reserve can result in special assessments and deferred maintenance. As the physical assets age and deteriorate, it is important to accumulate financial assets to keep the two “in balance”.  A stable reserve funding plan ensures that all owners pay their own “fair share” of ongoing common area deterioration.

Advisory Committee Regions

You can find which region your property is situated in by referring to this map. As a reminder, the committee members are below. Top of Hill needs a representative. If you live in that region and would like to be considered, please email Ray Hedlund at

WMVV DistrictsFestival – Donna Holick
Club House  – Don Murray
Top of Hill –
Highlanders – Wally Simons
Del Rio – Gloria Bitting
Rancheros – Bob Rubin
Mountain Lodges – Ray Hedlund


Feedback Welcome!

Image result for feedback welcome imagesThe purpose and intent of this website is to foster communication and make life easier. The blog is a “work-in-progress”. We’re all learning as we go. So far – so good, but we’ll keep trying to make it better.

We have added a page entitled “Community Forum and Comments”. You can access that page by clicking on it at the top of the home page. If you have thoughts or comments you wish to share with others, that is the place to add them.

Some residents have posted their comments on the “About This Site” page. We have learned that by allowing comments on different pages, some readers have difficulty finding and following those remarks. As a result, we have “closed” comments on the “About This Site” page. That doesn’t mean comments and questions aren’t welcomed; they are. We just ask that you post them on the “Community Forum and Comments” page so readers can find and follow them more easily.

As always, comments can still be made on specific posts on the home page.

Please encourage your Village friends and neighbors to sign up for posts. This is a quick and easy way to know what is happening in your neighborhood.

Advisory Committee

Cartoon: caveman learn talk advice (large) by rmay tagged caveman,learn,talk,adviceWhite Mountain Vacation Village is proud to announce that they now have a fully functional Advisory Committee. Ray Hedlund graciously agreed to head this committee and immediately set to work dividing the Village into areas of representation.

The other members of this seven person committee include the following;

Donna Holick – Festival
Don Murray – Club House
Sylvia Coats – Top of Hill
Wally Simons – Highlanders
Gloria Bitting – Del Rio
Bob Rubin – Rancheros
Ray Hedlund – Mountain Lodges

Even while the Village has been covered in snow, the committee has been working hard. They held their first meeting of the year on January 8th in Scottsdale. It is exciting to know that this talented group is working together to advise the board of directors on issues germane to the homeowners. Stay tuned for more