Perhaps you recently noticed that the dumpsters and roll-offs have new homes. With the work that was completed on the clubhouse parking lot and entry ways we took the opportunity to make some changes.

The goals were to 1) reduce the wear and tear on the parking lot and entrance caused by the garbage trucks; 2) create a way to make it easier for members to use the roll-offs; 3) add another dumpster to contain the residential waste; 4) eliminate the need for heavy equipment to move the dumpsters to clean the enclosure and keep the drains flowing. All garbage containers are now located on the northeast side of the parking lot, downwind from the pavilion, bocce ball court, and horseshoe pits.

The garbage trucks come in the main clubhouse entrance and exit onto Recreation Loop, making their way to Vacation Village Drive. The last piece of the puzzle, signage, should be here in the next few weeks. All household waste should be placed in the dumpsters and not in the roll-offs.  The roll-offs are for green waste, cardboard, and non-electronic waste. Contractors are prohibited from using the roll-offs or dumpsters.

4 thoughts on “Dumpsterville

  1. We liked seeing the paving of the lot and also the relocating of the roll offs. However, whoever did that paving did a very poor job as it already has holes forming where they didn’t properly level the ground before paving and now the high spots have holes. They should be required to return and fix that right away – it is way too new to have holes already!


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