The Army Runs on Volunteers

WMVV DistrictsCourtesy of Ray Hedlund, Advisory Committee Chair

The Advisory Committee has recently received the resignation of Bob Rubin. Bob and Paula have worked very hard to help establish this committee and have donated a year of their time. The Committee and the Board wish to extend our thanks for a job well done.

Frankie Coulter has joined the Advisory Committee filling the open position previously held by Sylvia Coats. Frankie will be representing the Top of Hill. Frankie was one of the first owners in the Village and has spent her summers there for twelve years. She will be representing the largest number of Members, those who live above Elizabeth. We welcome her to the committee.

Bob’s exit leaves an opening for someone from the Rancheros area to step up and volunteer for community service. Please let us know if you are interested in working with six other volunteers in facilitating the long term hand off from Declarant to Members. You must live in the Rancheros area. If you are interested in learning more, please send an email to

The members of the Advisory Committee have a responsibility to help shape the future of the Village. Individually you will have the opportunity to represent those owners in the Rancheros area. There are a wide range of subjects that are directly related to Association issues.

The Advisory Committee Charter calls for seven members. If you are interested in this kind of community service, please let us know by sending an email to While we presently have most positions filled, we will be looking for volunteers to help us with projects as we move into 2017.

My thanks to the committee members who have served the entire year in getting this committee organized and up and running. The first year is always the most difficult as we work through initial organization.

As a reminder, the areas and representatives are:

Festival – Donna Holick
Club House  – Don Murray
Top of Hill – Frankie Coulter
Highlanders – Wally Simons
Del Rio – Gloria Bitting
Rancheros –
Mountain Lodges – Ray Hedlund

To Winterize, or Not to Winterize – Should Not be a Question

Image result for broken water pipes home cartoon imagesThere will soon be a mass exodus from the Village. Just like turtles, some will take their summer homes along. If you are one of them, you can stop reading now, but if you plan to leave your shell in the Village, stay with me.

Winterizing is critical when you own a residence in a place where the average low temperature in December and January can be close to zero. Improper winterization could result in a costly catastrophe. Leaving the heat at a minimum temperature might seem like a good idea. However, when I lived in Show Low, it wasn’t uncommon for the power to fail and sometimes for several days. If that were to happen during a hard freeze, you could end up with burst pipes. When it warms back up, guess where all that water will go.

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What’s Mine is Mine – What’s Yours is Mine

village-mapYou might recognize the map on the right. It’s White Mountain Vacation Village. Like most maps, it contains a legend at the bottom. The map includes every part of the Village. Nothing is missing. The light tan area is the common area. The green area labeled Festival Area is where the ponds reside along with the hiking trails. The Festival Area and the clubhouse belong to the developer. However, the Association leases both and as such, has exclusive use of those areas. The developer has never used any portion of the common area, Festival Area or clubhouse.

The developer owns property surrounding, and adjacent to, the Village. That property is not a part of the Village and has never been presented as such. The rodeo arena is not a part of the Village. Your dues do not help to maintain it. The amphitheater is not a part of the Village nor is it a dog park. The lease for the Festival Area and clubhouse does not include any of these areas. These areas are not on the map because they are not a part of the Village.

There is a sign on the gate that clearly states that past that point, entrance is for construction personnel only. If someone crosses that line, that person is trespassing. When you decide to take a walk in that area, you could be taking your life in your hands. There are construction workers driving around doing the things construction workers do. They are not expecting to see, nor are they looking for you or your pets.

There are signs posted in the Village Festival and common areas stating the area is for members only. There are no such signs in the area of the rodeo arena and amphitheater. The reason is because it isn’t affiliated with the Village. It’s private property. Be safe and cautious and heed the sign.

Meet Jan Billings – Activities Committee Member

Jan BillingsJan is a native of Arizona, as is her husband Bob and all three or their children.  She grew up in an Air Force family and when her father retired, the family returned to Tucson where Jan finished high school.  Wanting to spread her wings, she traveled 120 miles north to Tempe where she attended and graduated from Arizona State University.

She began her career as a buyer and later, procurement manager for AlliedSignal/Honeywell.  Bob retired in 1999 and Jan was able to leave as well.  She and Bob bought the first of seven RVs, even selling their home in 2004 and traveling full time for a year.  They have logged over 120,000 miles and loved every minute of it.   Jan and Bob live in Mesa in the winter and bought in the Village in 2005.  They love the community, especially the close friendships they have formed.  Jan has enjoyed working on the Activities Committee and she and her husband Bob have enjoyed sponsoring many events.

They have three grown children, nine grandchildren and one great-grand daughter, all living in the Phoenix area.  Jan is currently president of the Arizona State Chapter of the Philanthropic, Educational Organization for Women (P.E.O. Sisterhood). P.E.O. Sisterhood is keeping her pretty busy this year.  Jan is a certified ceramics instructor and loves to quilt.

She Said What?! The Truth About the Sewer Plant

Rumors1There is yet another rumor floating around the Village. This one relates to the sewer and it has nothing to do with “flushable” wipes (metaphors notwithstanding). This rumor concerns an assessment and some are insisting that the statement was made at the Annual meeting.

It is true that the City of Show Low has expressed interest in acquiring the Village sewer lift station. The City has done an initial inspection and has asked that some things be done so that the lift station complies with City requirements. This has been an ongoing negotiation and the Board has been preparing for the transfer.

In 2015 the Association foreclosed on Lot 30 in Unit 4 for non-payment of dues. The declarant had a mortgage on the lot. This meant that the Association would have to make payments on the lot until it was sold. However, “the declarant forgave the loan as a contribution to the Association to help with the costs to prepare the sewer pressure line and lift station for City acceptance”. This statement came directly from the 2016 Annual Meeting packet under 2015 Accomplishments. If you look at the meeting packet for the 2016 Annual Meeting or if you review the 2016 Annual Meeting Questions and Comments, nothing of this nature was ever said.

It is also true that there have been expenses to maintain the pumps as has been stated here. If you missed that, please refer to “Let’s Talk Dirty – As In Sewer” and “Toilets or Your Money – Pick One”. These costs are related to ongoing maintenance and have nothing to do with preparing the sewer pressure line and lift station for City acceptance. Associations levy assessments when there is an emergency and not enough money to cover it or when the Association has not collected enough over the years to build an adequate reserve fund. Neither of those things is in play in the Village.

The rumor that the Association will be assessing $50,000 (or any amount, for that matter) to prepare the sewer for City acceptance is false. You will only be paying for ongoing maintenance, which, incidentally, is in your budget. Remember that rumor mongers only derive pleasure when someone believes them. Rumors should be flushed down the toilet along with other detrital material.