Your Festival Area

The open stand structure of an old ponderosa pine forest. While ...When Jim McCarty began work on the Village, the property known as the Festival Area was loosely defined. Jim had no immediate plans to turn the RSA over to the residents. His strategy was to slowly develop all of the land, his timeline being dictated by interest and demand. The big vision for the area resided in Jim’s head. It was not urgent that he define anything in the beginning. He was anxious for the area to be enjoyed so he built hiking trails and installed exercise equipment without a clear vision of what that might mean if he wasn’t around to finish his project.

When Jim died, plans for the area changed. The new intent was to sell the existing lots and turn the RSA over to the members. In preparation for the eventual transfer of the RSA to the residents, the Association attorney advised the board that it would be in the best interest of the Association to survey the Festival Area. A survey was completed at the expense of the developer and a fence will soon be installed to delineate the Festival Area.

Portions of a few of the hiking trails will require relocation in order to be inside the boundaries of the survey. In addition, one of the exercise stations and one or two of the disc golf targets will also need to be moved. When this has been completed, a title report will be provided to the Transition Committee for their examination.

The Recreational Subdivision Association has an agreement to lease the Festival Area, hiking trails, ponds, exercise stations and other things located within the Festival Area. The lease is available on the Village People website at It is located on the Documents, Forms and Downloads page.

10 thoughts on “Your Festival Area

  1. Well looking at the lease that expires in Dec of 2027 and the Exinit “a” attached thereto looks to show the same area on it that is now our festival area so how could you change this area and make it smaller ?????


  2. Wait, what? Are you making this area smaller? I use this Trail daily and in the 45 minutes I’m there, I always see others using it as well. Not so much the bocce ball court, nor the disc golf or exercise stations. I am unclear as to what you are doing to our trail and why. Can you explain, please?


    1. This is not transparent and no, the blog post does not explain anything other than you are fencing off the area and relocating “a few” of the trails and those silly disc golfs things that I guess someone just had to have but no one uses. Why won’t you answer two resident’s questions regarding the future size of OUR festival area/walking trails? They’re already installing heavy duty pipe corners, or whatever those are. Another snarky response is expected after seeing the manner in which you respond to residents.


  3. If the ponds are supposed to be for fishing, why do they look so bad. I don’t thimk a respectable fish would live there. Is there something that could be done that would clean them up a little. The rest of the festival area is in pretty good shape and after the trail is rerouted, it should be nice again. Thanks for all the info about the area. Makes sense now.


    1. Sorry for the delay. I had to research this. The maintenance company had a company come from the valley to treat them on July 1, 2020. They are not lined so that also presents a few issues regarding muddy water.


  4. The new fenceline cuts off and cuts through the trail in multiple places, making it impossible to complete the trail right now. Do we know the timeline for rebuilding the trail?


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