Architectural Review Committee Expansion

Committee Meeting – Troop One

In the continuing effort to ensure a smooth transition from developer to the members, the board authorized the creation of a charter for the Architectural Review Committee. The charter was approved and can be found on the Village People website.

The committee is charged with reviewing, approving or disapproving plans (submittals) for new construction on lots or improvements or alterations to existing lots within the Association, in accordance with the CC&Rs and Architectural Design Guidelines. The current committee consists of three members and is chaired by Victoria McCarty.

The charter allows for two additional non-voting members. No special qualifications are prerequisite. An interest in serving your community and the desire to learn to interpret CC&R’s in relation to the design guidelines would be welcome. Each phase and unit have different specifications. If you are interested in participating on this committee and learning how the process works, please complete a Volunteer Interest Form. The form can be found on the Village People website at under Documents, Forms and Downloads. Please return the form to Sherry Watson at or P.O. Box 4212, Show Low, AZ 85902.

Calling All Board Members

Board of Directors | lwvmilwaukee

The Transition Committee has recommended that the Board of Directors budget and give a lead time in which to educate, train and vet prospects for Board service on the first homeowner-controlled Board of Directors. These recommendations are to ensure the fiscal health and overall well-being of WMVV RSA. The Board agreed to this and will follow the bylaws of the Association in order to help accomplish an orderly transition.

The bylaws state that the Board of Directors shall select a nominating committee consisting of at least two Members, which Members may also be Board Members. The Board has appointed the three current Board Members to act as the nominating committee to nominate candidates for election to the first homeowner-controlled Board.

Per the bylaws, the Board must consist of not less than three or more than five Members. Directors will serve staggered terms of one year. Assuming enough people are interested in running, the current Board acting as the nominating committee intends to nominate five Members to serve on the first homeowner-controlled Board. To implement staggered terms, two directors will be elected for one-year terms, and three directors for two-year terms, with the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes serving the two-year terms. Subsequently, directors will be elected to one-year terms.

The nominating committee will include everyone who qualifies on the ballot. In order to qualify, a candidate must:

  • Be a Member in good standing
  • Complete a Board of Directors Interest Form
  • Submit a resume incorporating relevant background and reason for interest in a board position
  • Attend a three-hour training session covering the roles and responsibilities of RSA board members

Training will take place in the first quarter of 2021 and will be offered several times. When the election of directors occurs, the voting materials will include the resumes/bios of the candidates so that Members can make a judgement as to qualifications.

If you are interested in serving, please complete a Board of Directors Interest Form and submit it to Sherry Watson at or mail it to Sherry at HOAMCO at PO Box 4212, Show Low, AZ 85902. Please include a resume incorporating relevant background and reasons for interest in a board position.

You can find the Board of Directors Interest Form on the Village website at It is located on the Documents, Forms and Downloads page.


3 Dollar Signs Painting by Chosen Art | Saatchi ArtContributed by the Transition Committee

The Transition Committee has completed most of our tasks in preparation for transition.  We have had lots of questions from residents along the way.  Many of the questions deal with financials.  We offer the following information to help members understand the basis of our due diligence duties and efforts.

The mainstay of a community association is proper financial management and transparency.  Residents need to have the assurance their funds are going toward the betterment of the neighborhood in every way possible.  Every member of the association deserves to feel comfortable knowing there is a fiduciary relationship with those in control and oversight of the association’s financial well-being.

So, start with Follow the Money.  Keep in mind that most of the movement of funds in today’s environment is in the form of non-cash transactions.  That is huge in the ability to paper trail funds.  Second, a professional management company is contracted to manage the affairs of the association.  They are not only obligated to account for funds but to also report any impropriety.  Third, pilfering funds in any form or fashion can be a felony punishable by law.

It is important to fully understand the safeguards used to monitor the flow of funds.  Generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, are a set of rules encompassing the details, complexities, and legalities of business and corporate accounting. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) uses GAAP as the foundation for its comprehensive set of approved accounting methods and practices.  These rules are consistent in the accounting world and are routinely used by community management companies including HOAMCO.

Another safeguard is the Annual Audit.  Here is an excerpt from the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS 33-1810):

The board of directors must conduct an annual audit, review, or compilation of the association’s books. It must be completed no later than six months after the end of each fiscal year. The report must be available to members within thirty days of completion. Association documents dictate if the audit/review must be completed by a CPA or bookkeeper.

HOAMCO prepares monthly reports to the WMVV RSA Board.  A Compilation Report prepared by an independent CPA firm is conducted at the end of each year and meets this requirement in the ARS statute.  These reports have been posted on the website for members to view.  In addition, current financials are provided at the Annual Meeting and are available upon request from HOAMCO.

As noted, the RSA retains a Certified Public Accountant to prepare Compilation Reports.  A full audit of the financials will be conducted prior to transition.  Beyond that, it is recommended that Associations conduct a Reserve Study at least once every five years to determine the necessity and amount of reserves required to repair, replace, and restore the common elements or capital components.  The RSA retains another credentialed firm for the Reserve Study.  The last one was performed in 2018 and will be updated again before transition to member-controlled Board.

What if all this fails and association funds are stolen?  There is yet another safeguard to protect the association’s financial assets.  Not only does the management company carry its own fidelity insurance coverage, which would provide the first line of recovery in the event of theft by one of its employees, but additionally, the RSA carries its own fidelity coverage.

To sum things up, we only asked the Board for clarification in a couple areas.  The end result is that all accounting principles and laws have been followed and the RSA is in good standing and acceptable condition.

There is one area the Transition Committee feels very strongly about.  We know the learning curve the members of this Committee experienced.  That is why the Transition Committee has recommended that the Board of Directors budget and give a lead time in which to educate, train and vet prospects for Board service in these and other important matters to ensure the fiscal health and overall well-being of WMVV RSA.  Starting the association out on the right foot at transition, with attention to the details that matter, is the goal for a successful future.  If you have an interest in service, please submit an interest form. You can find it on the website ( under Documents, Downloads and Forms. It is titled Board of Directors Interest Form. Return it to Sherry Watson, Community Manager, at

Festival Area Update

Ravine Gardens Hiking Trails | Florida Hikes!The fence around the Festival Area has been completed. In several places the fence is a few inches off of the property line.  This was done to save the survey pins and large trees.

The fence between developer owned property and Unit 3 was offset about six inches onto the developer property. This was done to save survey pins and give a little extra space where the fence skirts the roadway.  The Festival Area west side fence was curved a few inches into the Festival Area at one location to save a large pine tree that is on the property line.  The south fence was offset about six inches into the Festival Area to save survey pins.  The Festival Area east fence, which changes direction three times, was offset both ways at different locations to save survey pins and large trees, with the majority of the movement onto developer property.

Portions of the trails were cut off by the new fence. They will be rebuilt in the next thirty days. The exercise station and disc golf targets will also be relocated at that time.

The survey looks different than the map attached to the Festival Area lease. That map was taken from the original concept rendering of the development and thus was not to scale.

We are sorry for the inconvenience the trails are causing. Thanks for your understanding.

I Get by With a Little Help from My Friends

5 Signs of Suicide and 5 Ways to Help - SOS Safety MagazineThe end is near. With any luck at all, it will be here before the end of this selling season. Assuming three lots now in escrow close, nine lots in Unit 3 Phase 1 Mountain Lodges is all that separates the developer from transitioning the RSA to member control.

The board of directors and developer have been working hard to deliver all requests from the Transition Committee so that everything will be in order when the transition occurs.

Nine lots should be easy to sell. The real estate agent has had a lot of traffic and several “hot” leads. However, at the last minute, they have backed out of writing a contract.

“How can I help”, you ask? There are three things that would be beneficial. One, if you are wandering around in the Village and someone stops by to chit chat about the area, let them know how wonderful it is to be in the cool pines and how lovely your neighbors are. Two, let all your friends know where you spend the summer and why. Invite them to come take a look and see for themselves how nice it is. Three, buy another lot. It could be held for investment or improved and put back on the market for sale or kept as a rental.

It would be great if the 2021 Annual meeting was the meeting where Members elect their very own board of directors. We are so close. Helping the real estate agent is helping yourselves.

Your Festival Area

The open stand structure of an old ponderosa pine forest. While ...When Jim McCarty began work on the Village, the property known as the Festival Area was loosely defined. Jim had no immediate plans to turn the RSA over to the residents. His strategy was to slowly develop all of the land, his timeline being dictated by interest and demand. The big vision for the area resided in Jim’s head. It was not urgent that he define anything in the beginning. He was anxious for the area to be enjoyed so he built hiking trails and installed exercise equipment without a clear vision of what that might mean if he wasn’t around to finish his project.

When Jim died, plans for the area changed. The new intent was to sell the existing lots and turn the RSA over to the members. In preparation for the eventual transfer of the RSA to the residents, the Association attorney advised the board that it would be in the best interest of the Association to survey the Festival Area. A survey was completed at the expense of the developer and a fence will soon be installed to delineate the Festival Area.

Portions of a few of the hiking trails will require relocation in order to be inside the boundaries of the survey. In addition, one of the exercise stations and one or two of the disc golf targets will also need to be moved. When this has been completed, a title report will be provided to the Transition Committee for their examination.

The Recreational Subdivision Association has an agreement to lease the Festival Area, hiking trails, ponds, exercise stations and other things located within the Festival Area. The lease is available on the Village People website at It is located on the Documents, Forms and Downloads page.


Related imageContributed by Linda Lulkovich, Transition Committee Chair

The RSA Board of Directors formed the ad hoc Transition Committee (TC) June 2018.  A TC Charter is posted on the website for your review.  The TC is now a five-member committee chaired by, Linda Lulkovich.  Committee members are all property owners at WMVV.  The other four members are:  Don Murray, Roy Chamberlin, Jay Clem and welcome to new member, Larry Bivins.  I have surrounded myself with excellence!  These guys all have talents that run deep and wide.  We are all fortunate to have them serving on the TC.

As we all know, WMVV is unique and it is a lifestyle.  We all love the little slice of heaven we own here.  For most, it gets us out of the summer heat but for many, it is a full-time residence.  Whatever your point of reference, rest assured, we are your representatives through the transition process.  Probably more important is that we are your friends and neighbors and we are here to serve you.

Our last meeting was very productive.  The use of a Transition Checklist provided by our attorney is the framework for the tasks we need to accomplish prior to Transition.  Several items are now checked off our “TO DO” list but much remains to be done.  When we all arrive for the summer, our efforts will become more focused on the physical components of the list.  Each member has been assigned an area of responsibility that closely aligns with their talents and expertise.

The use of a uniform project status report for each member to complete for reference has been adopted.  These reports will be archived with our recommendations to the new Board of Directors upon transition.  In the meantime, it serves as a measurement tool in accomplishing our objectives in performing “Due Diligence” on your behalf.  It also serves as an aid in working with the Declarant and current RSA Board of Directors.

The Annual Meeting is around the corner where we will present a report and answer your questions.  Be sure to attend this important and informative meeting.

Once again, your ideas, questions and feedback are an essential element of our work.  You can contact us at:  It is important to contact us in writing, so we can insure a quick and complete response.   If your concern/question is outside our charter, we will forward it to the appropriate person/group for resolution and inform the resident of our action.  Thank you for your assistance with this communication procedure.  And, we appreciate and invite your input.

Meet Larry Bivins – Transition Committee Member

Contributed by Larry Bivins

I was born March 17, 1944 in Anchorage, Alaska to Orland & Lucille Bivins.  My father worked for the Alaska Railroad as a Conductor and my mother was a house wife / teacher.  I have two brothers Gary (my twin) and Dean (older by 6 yrs.)  Anchorage was a great place to grow up!  I was educated in the Anchorage School District grades 1-12.

I experienced the 3 biggest events in Alaska History:  1.) Becoming the 49th State of the Union in 1958.  2.) The great Alaska Earthquake of 1964.  3.) The discovery of oil on the Kenai peninsula which led to Prudhoe Bay, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and to Alaska becoming, perhaps, the largest oil producer in the U.S

I Became an employee of the Alaska Railroad one week after Graduation from West Anchorage High School in 1962. I remained with the Alaska Railroad until my retirement in 1993.  In 1964 I embarked on a four year apprenticeship to become a Construction Equipment Mechanic. In 1989 I was promoted to the position of Construction Equipment Repair Supervisor for the Alaska Railroad system.  In 1993 at the age of 49 I was downsized into retirement from the Alaska Railroad. For the next 15 years I continued to work in the construction industry as a Construction Equipment salesman.

During my employment at the Alaska Railroad I was a member of the U.S. Army Reserve for 17 years. The highest rank I held was Master Sargent / First Sargent.  I was also on the Board of Directors of Denali Federal Credit Union for 10 years.  In 2003 I was elected Statewide Grand President of the Pioneers of Alaska, an organization of some 3000 members.

I met my wife Karen in the fall of 1963. We were married in December 1964.  We have two sons.  Larry Jr. and Bill.  Larry works construction in the Phoenix area and Bill is a Locomotive engineer for the Alaska Railroad.  Karen and I have enjoyed nearly 55 years together (December 2019).

After spending 60 years in Alaska we felt it was time for a change.  The winters were becoming very long, dark & cold.  Our change was to move to Green Valley, Arizona. We moved to Green Valley on a year around basis in 2005. We enjoy all Arizona has to offer.  To get out of the heat of summer we started to travel in our motorhome every summer which eventually led us to WMVV where we bought an RV lot on Bulldog.  We enjoyed WMVV so much we decided what we really needed was a park model `in WMVV.  Well we found it on the corner of Recreation Loop & Cattle drive and purchased it last summer.  (We still have the RV lot on Bulldog).

This brings us to the reason for this short Bio.  I look forward to serving the homeowners of WMVV as a member of the Transition team.  My goal is to make the transition as open and transparent as possible and geared to the benefit of the home owners of WMVV.  Remember “We are all in this boat together.”


Image result for keep in touch imagesContributed by Linda Lulkovich, Transition Committee Chair

So, in the spirit of keeping you informed, the Transition Committee is working hard to represent you on the road to transition the Association from developer controlled to homeowners.  Homeowners are the members of the Association, so we are literally working for YOU.

This month we drilled down a little deeper in our fact-finding with no adverse findings.  As we go through this process, it often reveals the need to get additional documentation.  That translates to still gathering documentation to review.  An overview for this month is:

  1. Retained an attorney specialized in HOA’s and transitions.
  2. Reviewed the Financials
  3. Reviewed the Reserve Study
  4. Reviewed certain Contracts with more to come.

There is still much more to do, and we will keep you informed along the way.

We have come to realize that we need representation on this Committee from Unit 4.  Anyone from Unit 4 interested in helping us transition should contact Linda Lulkovich at or phone 602-809-7007.

Last month, we created an email address to send your questions and feedback.  Only one message was delivered relating to the Village Directory.  This message was forwarded to appropriate party and satisfactorily managed.  Thanks to all for your part.

We continue to welcome and invite your questions and feedback.  The email address is:  It is important to contact us in writing, so we can insure a quick and complete response.   If your concern/question is outside our charter, we will forward it to the appropriate person/group for resolution and inform the resident of our action.  Thank you for your assistance with this communication procedure.  And, we appreciate and invite your input.