Architectural Review Committee Expansion

Committee Meeting – Troop One

In the continuing effort to ensure a smooth transition from developer to the members, the board authorized the creation of a charter for the Architectural Review Committee. The charter was approved and can be found on the Village People website.

The committee is charged with reviewing, approving or disapproving plans (submittals) for new construction on lots or improvements or alterations to existing lots within the Association, in accordance with the CC&Rs and Architectural Design Guidelines. The current committee consists of three members and is chaired by Victoria McCarty.

The charter allows for two additional non-voting members. No special qualifications are prerequisite. An interest in serving your community and the desire to learn to interpret CC&R’s in relation to the design guidelines would be welcome. Each phase and unit have different specifications. If you are interested in participating on this committee and learning how the process works, please complete a Volunteer Interest Form. The form can be found on the Village People website at under Documents, Forms and Downloads. Please return the form to Sherry Watson at or P.O. Box 4212, Show Low, AZ 85902.

Architectural Design Guidelines Update

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To achieve the goal of harmony, property owners are required to obtain the prior approval of the Association for many things; primarily changes to their exterior property. If approval is not received for a change to the property, a monetary penalty of at least $250 will be added to the owners account – regardless of approval or disapproval after the fact by the Architectural Review Committee. Additionally, you may be required to remove the improvement at your own expense if it is not approved.

By way of explanation, the CC&R’s determine what you can build and the Guidelines tell you how you can build it. The Guidelines cover everything allowed in all units and phases in the Village. However, not all items in the Guidelines are allowed in all units and phases. FOR EXAMPLE: The Guidelines cover hot tubs, patios, sheds, gazebos, and landscaping but that does not mean those items are allowed under the CC&R’s in every unit and phase.

The major changes to the Architectural Design Guidelines can be found on pages 8, 9 & 10 and include several items. Tree removal guidelines were added. Also, Carport – Unit 3 Phase 1 Only was added. This section defines the size, use and construction of carports in Unit 3 Phase 1.

The other changes affect decks. The previous guidelines allowed a deck to have either a glass or screen enclosure. The current updated guidelines allow only a screened deck.

The board recently discovered that some glassed decks have been turned into livable square footage in Unit 3 Phase II, known as Mountain Lodges. This conflicts with the CC&R’s and is not permitted.

It was the board’s desire to allow residents to use glass to turn a deck into a more comfortable place to spend time in cooler weather. However, it was never the intent to have decks become a part of the livable square footage of the residence. Doing this completely changes the look and feel envisioned for the Village.

If you plan to modify your property in any manner that affects the exterior, please familiarize yourself with the CC&R’s for your particular property as well as the Architectural Design Guidelines. Both can be found on the Village website at

Architectural Review Process during Covid-19

The offices of HOAMCO have been closed for over two weeks. The employees are doing their best to work from home. They are checking email as often as possible.

If you are planning on improving your property in any way that requires the approval of the Architectural Committee, the first step is to contact Steve Coffinger with your request. He can be reached at or

Landscape Lighting

Image result for motion sensor outdoor lights cartoon imagesLandscape Lighting

During the Open Forum at the 2018 Annual meeting, someone commented about motion sensor lights. Please note the following from the Architectural Guidelines.

  1. Landscape Lighting: Up to 10 lights are permitted per Lot. Must be low voltage, UL approved, downward facing and directed away from adjoining properties and/or common area.
  • EXCEPTION: Corner Lots may have up to 20 lights (10 on each side). No spotlights, floodlights, motion detector controlled lights, or any other high intensity lights shall be permitted.
  • EXCEPTION: Low intensity, motion detector controlled lighting may be installed as long as lights are only activated from within or upon the Lot. Must not be activated from street, adjoining lots, or common areas.

The entire document can be viewed on the Village People website on the Architectural Review Committee page. If you have lighting that violates this policy, please take corrective action. Contact Sherry Watson at HOAMCO if you see a violation.

It’s Spring Clean-up Time

Image result for dumpster cartoon imagesThe roll-off dumpsters have been filling up like crazy and seem to need emptying every time we turn around. Many Village People have just returned and are cleaning up lots.

It’s possible that construction contractors are not being told by owners to remove construction debris from the subdivision and are defaulting to using the roll-off dumpsters (and the general dumpsters) for their debris. The owners who are not improving their lots/using contractors are essentially subsidizing the owners who are in the cost to empty and replace the roll-off dumpsters.

Contractors are also blocking or impeding roadways when parking their vehicles/equipment.

Please note the following from the Architectural Design Guidelines. Click here to view the entire document.

All vehicles must be parked on the Lot Driveway area and are not to extend into the street or street easements. Vehicles may not be parked on adjacent lots. The street easements must be kept open for emergency vehicles, snow plowing, etc.  All construction parking requires a permit issued by the ARC Coordinator.

Owners and Contractors shall clean up trash and debris at the end of each day. An approved trash receptacle must remain on the site at all times to contain all lightweight materials or packaging. Owners and Contractors are prohibited from dumping, burying or burning trash anywhere on the lot or in the subdivision. Use of Community Dumpsters is prohibited. Heavy debris, such as broken stone, wood scraps or the like, must be removed from the site immediately upon completion of the work of each trade that generated the debris. During the construction period, each construction site shall be kept neat and shall be properly policed to prevent it from becoming a public eyesore, or affecting other lots or any Common Areas. Dirt, mud or debris resulting from activity on each construction site shall be promptly removed from public or private roads, open spaces, driveways, and all other portions of the subdivision.

Park Model and RV Approval – It’s a Must

Image result for recreational vehicles images cartoonIt’s heating up in the desert and people are itching to get to the cool country. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who are returning from last year. However, if 2017 is the first year you plan to spend the summer in the Village, here’s a tip that could save you some inconvenience.

Please make sure that you get approval from the Architectural Review Committee prior to bringing your home onto your lot. This applies even if you are renting your lot to someone, so please let your tenant know the process.

As a reminder, you can find the Architectural Guidelines and all necessary applications on the Village People Website by clicking on the link below.

Safe travels!