Heads Up! Quit Driving on Closed Streets!

Image result for stop sign imagesThe concrete contractor was hoping to finish the streets in the Village this week. However, he can’t get more material until next Thursday.  He will do as much as he can.  He is hoping to finish Tender Foot Trail and Saddlebag.

A big thanks to the drivers of the two vehicles that ran over the contractor’s cones and signs today on the section of Horseshoe between Hanging Tree and Elizabeth. The signs blew down but there were twelve cones in the way.  One of the drivers then got out and put up the sign they drove over. This means they drove through his hard work, knowing they were doing so.  This part now looks like crap, just like Kathryn and Mogollon.

Please understand that while these repairs are being done, drivers can avoid ruining the concrete by driving the wrong way on one-way streets.


Concrete Repair Update

Image result for construction update imagesThings are moving along.  The contractor has about fifty yards on south Kathryn Avenue and all of Hanging Tree to finish.  An important preparation tool broke on Friday and the parts should arrive on Wednesday or Thursday.  All in all, things are going a bit slower than hoped but that is the reality of construction. Repairs will move to Tenderfoot when the parts arrive and keep working north.

Yesterday after the contractor left, someone much more important than the rest of the residents, removed the caution tape and cones between the road closed signs on Kathryn and drove down the road, tracking material everywhere and messing up the contractor’s hard work.

Just a reminder that everyone, not just the culprit, is paying for any work that must be redone. Also, it means the roads are closed for longer. If you see something, say something.

Please Stay Off Of Streets That Are Being Repaired

Image result for Street closed imagesApparently, three notices of street repairs were not enough. If your street is blocked with signs, cones, ribbon or anything that can be construed as trying to keep cars off the street, please comply. The contractor has been nice enough to go door-to-door to speak with residents that are in the Village and his words have rung hollow.

Someone has already decided that the notices and barriers do not apply to them. Some repairs might need to be repeated because people either drove over the crack seal patches or walked through them.


Road Maintenance Notice

Image result for road repair cartoon imagesDKP & Company Concrete Repair will begin Monday April 1 with road maintenance. This will affect Unit 2 Phases 2 & 3.  The work will begin on South Mogollon Trail and from there they will work their way to the north. The plan is to complete up to Bulldog the first week.

In a perfect world, the work will be completed by April 13. However, we all know we don’t live in a perfect world so we will do our best to keep you up-to-date via this blog.

When the work is being done on a street, that street will be completely closed for the day. Residents living on that street will need to park on Vacation Village Drive or Kathryn. Residents will have to walk to their property on that day. We apologize for the inconvenience.

It is difficult to let residents know what day each street will be closed. If you are in the Village during this time, please keep an eye out so that you can determine what day your street will be closed to traffic. The key is that the contractor is beginning on South Mogollon Trail and working north.

Your patience is much appreciated as this work must be completed and is weather sensitive.

Water Line Clamping Tool

Related imageThe Advisory Committee proposal to purchase a clamping tool for homeowner use is now being implemented. A clamping tool was purchased and installed in a locked case.

All of the shut-off valves in the Village are connected from the water supply line in the street to individual shut-off valves via a flexible water line.  These valves have a life and could fail when you least expect it.

If you need to turn off the water to repair your shut-off valve you will need to have a clamping tool to close off the line. Most plumbers can repair the valve but do not have a clamping tool.

The tool is located near the club house. It is available for use by contacting any Advisory Committee member or HOAMCO for the key to unlock the case. The sign out sheet is inside the case.

This is a valuable maintenance tool. Please return it when your repair is completed so that others may take advantage of it.

The current key holders are:

Mike Palma – 760-533-5300 – Lodges Lot #49 – mikejpalma@gmail.com

Ray Hedlund – 925-890-5613 – rhedlund2@cox.net

Donna Holick – donna.holick@gmail.com

Frankie Coulter – Frankie.Coulter@gmail.com

Wally Simons – wlsimons@reagan.com

Bob McFaden

HOAMCO – 928.537-1067