Chair Trash

Really!? Someone thought it would be okay to dump an office chair on the carport of a vacant residence. What is going on?

If you are the one who did this, please remove it and dispose of it in a civil and neighborly manner. It was left in the carport of Unit 3 Lot 12. If you were making a statement, you didn’t consider your neighbors.

Thanks for righting your wrong.

Garbage Woes

The garbage situation is first and foremost on the “Git-R-Done” list. Sharing the plan might give some hope that it will be dealt with. Until we can complete the needed improvements, an additional pickup day has been added.

One additional dumpster has been ordered. If there is still an overflow, another will be added. For resident’s convenience, the dumpsters and roll-offs will eventually be housed in the same area. We realize that currently, the garbage area acts as a neon sign. There are plans to make it seem less prominent by improving the appearance. These improvements should also make it easier to utilize the roll-offs and dumpsters.

In order to reduce truck damage to the roadways and parking area, the garbage trucks may be entering and exiting in two different locations. A rock base will be added to the dirt road off of Recreational Loop so as to minimize dust.

We are excited that the Village is experiencing growth. We apologize that we have not managed that growth as smoothly as we had hoped. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.

An Explanation of the Clubhouse Internet

Components Required For Internet Marketing | Sunny Design Demo ClubPlease be aware that the clubhouse internet was set up for residents to check their email and get on the internet from inside the clubhouse. It was not set up with Zoom or Skype meetings in mind. And it was not intended to provide service to those trying to access it from outside the clubhouse. Residents trying to access the internet from the parking lot or other areas outside the clubhouse may not connect at all or, if they do, may not have a dependable connection.

One resident reported recently that Frontier only allows internet connection for an hour and then cuts it off. Perhaps the resident was trying to access the internet from outside, called Frontier, and was given wrong information. Regardless, this is not correct. Our service allows for unlimited usage. That said, connection interruptions will occur at times due to Frontier – even from inside the building. Other businesses and private customers serviced by Frontier also experience these interruptions. They cannot be helped. The commercially-rated DSL service implemented last fall has been quite reliable so far – unlike what we had in the past when the modem and router had to be recycled frequently to jump start the connection. The wireless access point in the building meets the requirements for delivering dependable service to those inside.

For those residents that have depended on accessing their email and internet from inside the clubhouse, we appreciate your patience until the building is reopened.

Elizabeth Road Will Be Closed on Thursday

Road Closed Sign photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors ...Dear Elizabeth Avenue Residents,

As has already been communicated, Seal Coating of the pavement in Vacation Village will be done on Thursday thru Saturday, June 4th thru the 6th.  A map showing the daily schedule was sent out via the Whispering Pines blog.

Please note that Elizabeth Avenue will be entirely closed on Thursday, June 4th from 6 am to 6:30 pm.   If you think you’ll need to drive anywhere on that day, you’ll need to get your car out before 6 am.  We know parking spots are limited, but there should be room along Vacation Village Drive, and the fire gate onto the dirt road at the end of Vacation Village Drive will be left open for parking also.  If you park on Vacation Village Drive, please retrieve your car promptly Thursday evening, as seal coating begins on Vacation Village drive at 6 am Friday.

Also note that during this time the one-way roads will need to be used for two-way traffic.

Thank you for your understanding.

Road Maintenance Details

Detour on Highway 42 in Ephraim starting MondayRoad Maintenance will begin on Thursday June 4 at 6 AM. On that day, the entire clubhouse parking lot will be unavailable until 6:30 PM. This includes the laundry, pavilion, mailboxes, and trash bins so please plan accordingly.

Elizabeth will also be closed all day Thursday June 4. If you live on Elizabeth and absolutely must use your vehicle that day, please move it well before roadwork begins at 6 AM Thursday morning. Someone will be delivering notices to those who live on Elizabeth.

A portion of Recreation Loop will also be closed on Thursday, June 4, from 6 AM to 6:30 PM. Residents of Unit 4 will need to enter and exit on Ellsworth Road thru the fire exit located between lots 18 and 19 off of Mule Skinner.

Entry to the Village will be available via Vacation Village Drive June 4, 5 & 6. However, you will need to exit via the breakaway gates used for fire exits on June 5 & 6.  If it is easier to you, please use the breakaway exits for both entry and exit.

Please be prepared for two-way traffic on all roads for the duration of this project. In order to mitigate confusion, there will be someone available to give direction.


Upgraded Internet UPDATE

Image result for Ethernet Virtual CircuitCourtesy of Holly Jacobs

Frontier just completed upgrading the clubhouse DSL to an Ethernet Virtual Circuit (commercial-type DSL service). This new internet platform provides a more stable service (less interruptions) and increased internet speeds. You can connect to the internet from the clubhouse with an ethernet cable in the computer room or connect to the wireless network. For wireless, choose WMVV in your device WIFI settings. It will automatically show in your network choices and does not require a password.

Because the new service is more stable, loss of connectivity is not expected to happen often. However, if you’ve confirmed your device is set up correctly to access internet and still have a problem connecting, notify HOAMCO at 928-537-1067, x1404. HOAMCO will, then, contact our IT resource and/or Frontier. IMPORTANT! The internet can no longer be reset with the modem that was underneath the computer room cabinet. That modem has been disconnected and removed.

For those of you wondering about adding internet throughout the community. Sparklight (previously Cable One) did a site study in 2018 and responded that the site was “unserviceable.” Construction costs to bring cable to the location were estimated to be between $20,000 to $30,000. Frontier would also have to add infrastructure that would be costly to the Association and determined to be cost-prohibitive in the past. Individuals have found wireless solutions that fit their needs. Two companies are HughesNet for satellite internet and Wi-Power.

We hope this upgraded service will enhance your clubhouse internet experience.

Fall Greetings – Be Prepared for Winter

Apollo 1/2 - 1 in. PEX Crimp Ring Removal ToolContributed by Ray Hedlund – Member, Advisory Committee

This is the time of year where folks begin to think about closing up for the winter. The in-ground shut-off valves sometimes become leaky and cantankerous when shut down. Sometimes they refuse to close properly and then after you have gone home you will receive a call to come back and fix it.

Plumbers charge bucks to dig it up and replace it. They even charge more when it’s cold. Often times, they do not have the shut-off tool so they charge even more. My advice; if you suspect you have a leaker or hard to operate valve is to replace your valve while it is good weather and rates can be shopped.

Two years ago, your HOA purchased a specialized water shut-off clamping tool. It can be checked out and used. Then replaced by you so the next person can use it. The tool is located on site in a double locked case. You can access it by key holders. Any one your Advisory Committee has a key and we now have a hide a key on premises.

Your Advisory Committee members currently are:

Donna Holick – Chair woman

Ray Hedlund

Mike Palma

Frankie Coulter

Wally Simons

Bob McFadden

Above contact info is on the Village People website –