Hot Town, Rumors in the Village

Related imageThis is not a reference to the Stage III fire restrictions that go into effect Friday. When a rumor is flying around the Village, it’s only fair that everyone get in on it. This rumor involves the agenda for the June 21st Annual Meeting.

Apparently someone is under the impression that the Declarant will be turning over the Association at this meeting. Furthermore, a new Board of Directors will be “selected”.  And finally, the Association is broke.

Let’s break this rumor down. The notice of the 2018 Annual Meeting was posted on the blog on May 10. The notice is going out via mail today. The notices include the agenda for the meeting. For your convenience, below is the agenda for the 2018 Annual Meeting.

  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Introduction of Board Members
  • Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Completed Projects in 2017
  • Open Forum
  • Adjournment

There is no agenda item for the Declarant to turn over the Association. No election of Directors is on this agenda.

The 2018 Annual Assessment was posted on the blog on November 15, 2017. A link to the 2018 budget is available on that post. The Village People website also contains the 2018 budget. In addition, a visit to the Village People website will reveal all 2017 financial information including the balance sheet, income and expense statements, and the reserve statements. You are encouraged to visit the website. The financial information is under the section labeled “Governance”. Those reports account for every penny of Association money. An examination of those documents makes it clear that the Association is financially healthy.

Rumors can be entertaining. Rumors can be distracting. Rumors can cause stress to Members of the Association. It is human nature to get caught up in rumors and perpetuate them. However, there are people who hear rumors and use common sense to determine the truthfulness of the rumor. The above information is meant to give people the tools to determine the truth of this particular rumor.



Image result for bocce ball imagesCourtesy of Ray Hedlund – Advisory Committee Chairman

There have been many questions and rumors about the Bocce Ball court. It is ready for play!

To help inform all, here are some details you may find of interest:

  1. This court was constructed by a professional experienced in building these units
  2. There is a complete drainage system installed in the under fill of the unit. It is not a water pit.
  3. It is specifically designed to handle the rain and snow and drain away as fast as possible the water that may be left from a heavy rain.
  4. The court is finished with professional grade material and its final top coat is crushed oyster shells. It’s what the pros use.
  5. Oyster shells are designed to allow drainage and provide a smooth roll of the ball. They are not designed to be layered thickly onto the rolling surface.
  6. The court is tamped down firmly and from time to time you may see black under material surface. This is not a cause to pour an additional layer of oyster shells as its increasing thickness will result in a slow and harder to throw rolling of the ball.
  7. When you see a black spot and between games, players should use the rake/brush (hanging on the pavilion wall) and drag the court to a level, flat playing surface.
  8. The proper etiquette is to NOT WALK on the playing surface during a game. Only those playing should be on the court.
  9. We have some additional bags that are still on back order for touch up purposes as time goes by. It is not intended to add a major thickness to the rolling surface. We will store these and use as required.
  10. The string rope lights have been removed. They have proven to be a questionable feature. The sticky backing has not stuck. The rake has knocked it down and in one case broke the string. Their return is questionable at this time. Lighting was a bonus feature and not originally in the plan.
  11. The surrounding rock area was designed so that golf carts could be driven close by and used for seating of spectators and possibly lighting if needed.
  12. There were originally some rocks at the near end toward the club house that was discovered after play was started and they have been dug out and removed and stacked by the trees. If you want to see just how big a rock can be, take a look at these.
  13. The existing brand new benches have been moved several times now. They are heavy and are not truly designed to be moved to shade so my suggestion is to stand in the shade of a tree when not rolling and use when they are shade covered.
  14. The Activities committee had tried to originate a BB captain and in fact had two lesson meetings. They are now looking to find a person to organize and undertake a BB plan. Anyone interested?
  15. The Bocce balls themselves are in the library. The rules are laminated inside the case for anyone to play. I suggest for now, that all interested go down and check this sport out. This is a fun senior sport that is sweeping the valley. Bring a friend or another couple with you to try this out. Early morning or late afternoon or dinner is probably the best time to play.

Clubhouse Rumor

Image result for rumorSomeone just posted a question asking if the club house is rented or being purchased along with the land under it. This is not meant to poke fun at the questioner, but this actually made me laugh out loud. One can only guess where such rumors start? Perhaps there is not enough excitement and the Activities Committee should be tasked with hosting more events.

When the clubhouse was built, the funds came from a mortgage. The Recreational Subdivision Association (RSA) could not qualify for the mortgage so it was secured by the developer. In August of 2005 a lease was created between the developer and the RSA in order to repay the mortgage. The lease is a twenty-year instrument and at the end of the lease, the RSA can exercise its option to purchase the clubhouse for the whopping sum of one dollar.

The lease functions just like any other lease agreement in the State of Arizona. The lease gives all rights to use the premises to the RSA. The clubhouse cannot be rented or sold. The ground under the clubhouse isn’t in danger of being sold and neither is the festival area. All of this is the common area that is for the use and enjoyment of all RSA members and their guests.

Clubhouse Rules and Woodfield Rumors

Image result for rumorsThe Clubhouse Rules can be found on the Village People website. There are only sixteen and it’s a fast read, but it might be beneficial to review a few in this forum.

There is a rumor running through the Village that Woodfield residents are using Village dumpsters, Wi-Fi and the laundry room. No one has been able to confirm that this is actually taking place and it seems unlikely because Woodfield includes dumpsters and internet access in the rent the residents pay.

Perhaps the people you see are new owners who obtained entry with a key. However, if the laundry room door is propped open, it will be difficult to keep unauthorized users at bay.

One of the clubhouse rules addresses access keys. A portion of that rules states “Please do not lend your key or provide access to unauthorized users.” Although it can be uncomfortable to deny access to the clubhouse or laundry room, it’s the only way to insure that the people using the facilities have the legitimate right to be there. It’s easy to assume that the person requesting entry has merely forgotten their key. However, it may have been deactivated after sixty days of unpaid member assessments or for an uncured violation.

Residents bear some responsibility to make sure only dues-paying members or their guests are using the common area. Your help is very much appreciated by everyone.

What’s Mine is Mine – What’s Yours is Mine

village-mapYou might recognize the map on the right. It’s White Mountain Vacation Village. Like most maps, it contains a legend at the bottom. The map includes every part of the Village. Nothing is missing. The light tan area is the common area. The green area labeled Festival Area is where the ponds reside along with the hiking trails. The Festival Area and the clubhouse belong to the developer. However, the Association leases both and as such, has exclusive use of those areas. The developer has never used any portion of the common area, Festival Area or clubhouse.

The developer owns property surrounding, and adjacent to, the Village. That property is not a part of the Village and has never been presented as such. The rodeo arena is not a part of the Village. Your dues do not help to maintain it. The amphitheater is not a part of the Village nor is it a dog park. The lease for the Festival Area and clubhouse does not include any of these areas. These areas are not on the map because they are not a part of the Village.

There is a sign on the gate that clearly states that past that point, entrance is for construction personnel only. If someone crosses that line, that person is trespassing. When you decide to take a walk in that area, you could be taking your life in your hands. There are construction workers driving around doing the things construction workers do. They are not expecting to see, nor are they looking for you or your pets.

There are signs posted in the Village Festival and common areas stating the area is for members only. There are no such signs in the area of the rodeo arena and amphitheater. The reason is because it isn’t affiliated with the Village. It’s private property. Be safe and cautious and heed the sign.

She Said What?! The Truth About the Sewer Plant

Rumors1There is yet another rumor floating around the Village. This one relates to the sewer and it has nothing to do with “flushable” wipes (metaphors notwithstanding). This rumor concerns an assessment and some are insisting that the statement was made at the Annual meeting.

It is true that the City of Show Low has expressed interest in acquiring the Village sewer lift station. The City has done an initial inspection and has asked that some things be done so that the lift station complies with City requirements. This has been an ongoing negotiation and the Board has been preparing for the transfer.

In 2015 the Association foreclosed on Lot 30 in Unit 4 for non-payment of dues. The declarant had a mortgage on the lot. This meant that the Association would have to make payments on the lot until it was sold. However, “the declarant forgave the loan as a contribution to the Association to help with the costs to prepare the sewer pressure line and lift station for City acceptance”. This statement came directly from the 2016 Annual Meeting packet under 2015 Accomplishments. If you look at the meeting packet for the 2016 Annual Meeting or if you review the 2016 Annual Meeting Questions and Comments, nothing of this nature was ever said.

It is also true that there have been expenses to maintain the pumps as has been stated here. If you missed that, please refer to “Let’s Talk Dirty – As In Sewer” and “Toilets or Your Money – Pick One”. These costs are related to ongoing maintenance and have nothing to do with preparing the sewer pressure line and lift station for City acceptance. Associations levy assessments when there is an emergency and not enough money to cover it or when the Association has not collected enough over the years to build an adequate reserve fund. Neither of those things is in play in the Village.

The rumor that the Association will be assessing $50,000 (or any amount, for that matter) to prepare the sewer for City acceptance is false. You will only be paying for ongoing maintenance, which, incidentally, is in your budget. Remember that rumor mongers only derive pleasure when someone believes them. Rumors should be flushed down the toilet along with other detrital material.

Drones, Drones Everywhere Drones

The Board continues to work to separate developer issues from Association issues. One of the goals is to implement a separate website for the Association. The clubhouse and festival area are the greatest assets belonging to its members. The Board has hired a professional to take photographs of these areas. So if a drone flies over your head today, don’t be surprised.