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This area has been created for residents to share their ideas and suggestions. It is a “moderated” area. Any posts that don’t conform to generally accepted standards of civility and respect will not be allowed. We ask that you share with your neighbors in a respectful and polite manner even if you’re not in agreement with the opinions expressed.

19 thoughts on “Community Forum & Comments

  1. This is a copy of a comment posted on the “About” page by Pelly. The response follows.

    “I have requested information on the COST OF THE SPEED BUMPS BUT NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM EITHER A BOARD MEMBER OR EMAIL SENT TO RAY HEADLUND. I believe this should have been a vote items for all residents as the roads are in a deplorable condition and caused injury to 2 women last year.”

    Thanks for your input. Please help me understand your comments. Are you suggesting the residents should be assessed to repave all of the roads in the development? If enough residents feel that is appropriate, perhaps we should come up with an estimate. I’m pretty certain it would result in an assessment of many thousands of dollars for each resident. Would you be willing to follow up on this question and get us an estimate of the costs? Thanks for doing this.

    I am confused as to what speed bumps have to do with your statement “as the roads are in a deplorable condition and caused injury to 2 women last year.” Are you suggesting that speed bumps will make the condition of the roads even more “deplorable”?

    Please share with me the specifics of what document(s) you reference that suggest a vote of all residents is the correct and legal way to handle the placement of speed bumps. The speed bumps were in the 2015 budget and their cost was under $2,500.


    1. The concern and question was meant to determine the cost of speed bumps versus money that could have be spent to “REPAIR” sections of some roads that were in poor condition. There was no comment made regarding re-pavement of roads nor was it insinuated that there should be a special assessment that would cause a burden to residents to do so. Perhaps the comment may have been misinterpreted. The initial request was for merely the “cost” of speed bumps, who made the decision, and whether or not residents have a vote on such matters. Knowing it was approximately $2,500….not upward of $10,000 is reassuring. Not being familiar with protocol in matters of additional expenditures, (i.e. recreational or otherwise), and if residents have a vote regarding some of these expenditures were questions not criticisms (obviously other than necessary maintenance etc. to maintain the beauty of WMVV and facilities). All in all, a community forum for questions and answers is a wonderful idea to address concerns and issues openly and honestly with interaction with the Board, HOA, and the community. Hopefully it will eliminate a lot of conflicting comments and issues within the community


  2. I love spending time in White Mountain but get dismayed at people allowing their children to drive around in their golf carts. Yes, I say children because they are not 16, they go too fast, are unsupervised and could easily hit a child, adult, pet or animal. At least if you’re going to allow it, it should be supervised by an adult. Do we have rules within the park on this matter? I’m an easy going person, have five grown children and 5 grandchildren and everyone would like to think it won’t happen to them, it’s harmless, until an accident occurs and then its only regret! That’s why they’re called accidents. Please parents, supervise your children.


  3. The speed bumps are scheduled to be in place April through September. They need to be removed before the first snow fall or plowing cannot take place.


  4. We played on the Bocce Courts for the first time yesterday. There still needs to be more work done. The crushed oyster shells need to be a lot thicker. There needs to be some sort of a screed tool available to smooth out and level the oyster shells and it sure would be good to have rocks around the outside of the court rather than dirt for cleanliness. Other than that, it is a welcome addition.


  5. We wanted residents to be able to use the court for Memorial weekend knowing that we still needed to complete a few things.The crushed oyster shells are on order as well as a tool to level the court. Gravel is also scheduled for the outside of the court. All of this should be completed in the week of June 4.


  6. How about updating the clubhouse wifi? From what i am told, this is still a DSL hookup which is about 5 generations old. I am sure we could get much better service at the same price we are paying for this old, outdated service. I see Hughes is now offering high speed wifi via satellite as a suggestion.


  7. As a long term residient of WMVV, I’m appalled at the increasing number of inconsiderate and irresponsible residents who feel it is ok to use other peoples’ property as their personal doggie run. Under the law, this is trespassing. They are your dogs, use your own property, not mine or other residents.

    Most people do pickup the solid waste, however, the pee remains on the ground and on the plants. Needless to say, the scent of the solid waste and pee attracts other dogs to “mark” the area as well. Dog nuisance is a growing problem at WMVV and needs to be addressed by responsible residents, HOAMCO, and if necessary, the Show Low police department.


  8. I would like something to be mentioned in the bulletin about barking dogs and dogs NOT on leashes in the Village. It is becoming quite a problem with owners not leashing their dogs and the dogs being allowed to run onto other properties or chasing other dogs (and people) down the street. I thought there was a leash law in our Village. It is also extremely dangerous since bear have been spotted in the Village recently. I would hate to see a dog and bear get into it. . . . .I think the bear just might win!!

    Also, people with dogs should make sure they DO NOT BARK constantly either when you are home or away from the house. Once they start, (especially the larger dogs) all the other dogs in the neighborhood join in!!! It is VERY ANNOYING and disturbing the nice, quiet atmosphere of our Village.


  9. We have been trying for almost a year to have our lot improved ie: utilities run, lot levelled, pad, etc. and cannot get any of the contractors in the area to call us back, show up for appointments, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations on who we can contact to have this work done?
    Thank you.


  10. Is anyone else concerned about the garbage situation? ( If I could upload pictures from this week and a week ago of the dumpsters, I would) we called the HOA management company regarding this and received a email blast to not contact her, she has watchers that would contact her. Perhaps the watchers need watchers? Who do we contact, the health department? Thank you.


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