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White Mountain Vacation Village is nestled in tall Ponderosa pines at an elevation of 6500 feet in Show Low, Arizona. It is a planned community of RV sites. Amenities include hiking trails, a festival area and a beautiful clubhouse.

Most owners reside in desert climates in the winter. The Village is a hub of activity from mid-April to the end of October as residents seek relief from the sweltering summer heat. Whispering Pines is an informational site for White Mountain Vacation Village property owners.

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  1. The money is in the Reserve Budget in anticipation of major repairs. An example would be repair of one or more of the dams.


    1. Maybe the ponds should be drained and let the natural water flow return. Bingo no $12,566 reserve needed each year. Then the balance of what has been set aside can be reallocated. I believe that this could become a vote item as there are probably no real users of the ponds for catch and release. That space would make for a good fenced in doggie park.


  2. Was approval for speed bumps voted on by residents and who authorized need for this expenditure?? How much is the TOTAL COST and what will cost of maintenance be (i.e. possible repair from snowplow damage, frost upheaval etc.).

    How were members of Advisory Committee chosen? Was there resident input?


    1. Thanks for the questions. The residents did not vote on approval for the speed bumps. Placement of the speed bumps comes under the purview of the Board of Directors so the decision was made by the board. The speed bumps are portable. They will be put in place after the last snow and removed before the first snow. This schedule allows for them to be in place when the majority of the residents are enjoying the Village.

      As for the Advisory Committee, the chair volunteered at the last annual meeting. The committee members are all volunteers, as well. You might recall receiving a mailing last year from the chairman asking for volunteers. There will be more to come on this site concerning the Advisory Committee.


      1. I have requested information on the COST OF THE SPEED BUMPS BUT NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM EITHER A BOARD MEMBER OR EMAIL SENT TO RAY HEADLUND. I believe this should have been a vote items for all residents as the roads are in a deplorable condition and caused injury to 2 women last year.


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