Receiving Packages in the Village

Preventing stolen packages | KX NEWSA Fed Ex driver was roaming the Village last Friday night to see if there was someone who could help her figure out how to get deliveries to people. She said she had at least twenty packages in her vehicle with incomplete addresses. She was stressed at the inability to make her deliveries. She received help from Sandra Hudgel who was instrumental in supplying the information for this blog post.

 When ordering online, the shipping method is not always apparent. As a result, people do not always use an address that will allow the shipment to be delivered at their location. It would be helpful if you put your physical street address on one line and the 2050 Vacation Village Drive address with your box number on another line. This should give all delivery companies a way to deliver your package.

FedEx and UPS do not deliver to the Clubhouse. In addition, both FedEx and UPS frequently hand packages off to the United States Postal Service. In the event that your package does end up with the United States Postal Service for delivery, it will be left in one of the package boxes that are located with the mail boxes outside the clubhouse. If the package is too large for the package box, you might be required to go to the post office to pick it up.

Another option is that you can choose to have packages addressed to yourself at Safeway, 900 West Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ 85901. Walgreens allows this as well. Packages can be addressed to the individual at Walgreens, 5160 South White Mountain Road, Show Low, AZ 85901.

Also, residents can drop off Fed Ex packages at Safeway in Show Low but they have to be labeled and ready for shipping.

Village resident’s packages are frequently left at the sales office. The sales office is not manned 24/7 so your package could easily disappear. In addition, the sales team doesn’t always know how to find a resident.

If you follow the above advice, your package woes (and those of the stressed Fed Ex driver) should be alleviated.

17 thoughts on “Receiving Packages in the Village

  1. Another tip that has helped us is to include both our mailing and physical address in the shipping information. Doing this we’ve only had 1 issue, and we get a lot of deliveries! HTH


      1. I personally have put in line1and line2 on addresses when ordering via Amazon. Thinking that having both 2050 VV and the actual street would provide whoever gets the delivery job access to both.

        However, this doesn’t seem to help…because when the package shows up, the printed package shipping label never has both lines on it. I suggested to Amazon that they put up some Amazon lockers in the area. The closest one listed is Snowflake.


  2. Changing Turtle creek, Saddle Bag and Tenderfoot would also reduce stress for FedEx, ups USPS , propane delivery , police , fire , paramedics, senior patrol ,other contractors and reduce the traffic and extreme noise on Elizabeth. Useless bump strips on some streets and not ALL Are DISCRIMINATION, YOU SAID AT A HOME OWNERS MEETING YOU WERE GOING TO PUT ON “ALL STREETS ” GITTER DONE OR TAKE EM OUT.


  3. The link that says “read more of this post” will not open. Is there some other way to get the additional information?



  4. Some companies do not allow 2 addresses. I am disabled and have fought this delivery mess ever since we moved here. I order from Amazon and other places. Also get medicine by mail. Never know who carrier will be. This is the stupidest set up i have ever dealt with.


  5. When we order something(s) we do not always know how large it will be, especially if we order several items from the same company. Amazon is a good example. In addition, the company does not inform you about which delivery company they use for each specific package. Because of these problems, I have had to pick up several packages by going down to Fed Ex which takes a lot of time because they cannot always find it. Also have had to trace packages frequently. Last time Post Office did not have it and it was returned to Amazon. I had to reorder, get a refund, and wait again for my package. I believe this is a problem that needs a simple solution that can make it easier for us and the delivery people. I agree with changing us to one address – not two. How can one address per home be accomplished? Two addresses just makes it more confusing.


  6. This is something that should be addressed to the Advisory Committee. You can find the contact information on the Village People Website at


    1. Maybe it would help to put a map up at the clubhouse with street addresses. With signage that attracts the attention of the UPS and FedEx drivers.


  7. We also have had problems with USPS and other delivery like UPS or FedX since some companies you order from have an “auto find” on the address you type in and the physical address here doesn’t come up on their system. So, putting both addresses is sometimes impossible! I was told on Monday by USPS office that the mail person attempted to deliver on Saturday but the big locker boxes were all full! That means people aren’t checking their individual boxes every day which leaves those of us relying on deliveries (like medication) in a bad place without being able to get a needed delivery. People need to check their box EVERY DAY.


    1. The responses from the USPS that the boxes were full is not always correct. If it’s a sub delivering the mail you are more than likely to get that response, because the sub will not deliver to physical addresses, the regular carrier will. I contacted a USPS supervisor as was told the Post Office does not recognize our physical addresses, only the 2050 box address, because when the Village was established that is the address it was used.


  8. Maybe we have just been lucky but we always put both addresses on anything we purchase via the internet. I think only one time was thee a problem (with UPS) not being able to find us. A quick call to the Show Low UPS office solved the problem. The same for the one time we had a problem with USPS. A quick visit to the post office and they quickly found the package and delivered it the next day.
    I do know that both USP and Fed X have asked me on occasion if there was a way WMVV could provide a cross reference to their Show Low Offices, so if packages were misaddressed, they would be able to do the cross reference in their offices. I suggested to both that they contact our HOA manager.


  9. Thank you to the person(s) who delivered the package to our lot on E Broken Arrow Lane tonight. The PO had showed it delivered in “#4” which we took for parcel box #4; apparently it went to mailbox #4. The “non-regular” mailgal almost had it right, since our box is #3. We appreciate the extra effort made on our behalf by one of our kind neighbors 🙂


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