Meet Frankie Coulter – Advisory and Activities Committee Member

Frankie is a third generation Arizonan and has been coming to the White Mountains since childhood.  She purchased in the Village because of the beautiful trees and because it is located in town.

Frankie’s professional background was as an operating room nurse for thirty-five years. The last fifteen years were in management.  She was also a real estate broker in the 1980’s, working in a family-owned Century 21 office in Yuma.  There she combined nursing and real estate, both part-time. She worked way too many hours.

Her interests include embroidery, reading, family history and political campaigns.  Frankie managed two campaigns for a candidate for our state legislature, being successful each time.

Frankie has been married twice, both husbands predeceasing her.  She has two daughters and one son. All are successful and dear to Frankie. She has two granddaughters and two grandsons who fill her with joy every time she thinks of them. She has eight step-grandchildren with whom she shares birthdays and holidays.

Frankie hopes everyone will consider volunteering in the Village for there is no better way to get well acquainted with your neighbors. She is leading by example by volunteering to serve on both the Advisory and Activities Committees.



Image result for bocce ball imagesCourtesy of Ray Hedlund – Advisory Committee Chairman

There have been many questions and rumors about the Bocce Ball court. It is ready for play!

To help inform all, here are some details you may find of interest:

  1. This court was constructed by a professional experienced in building these units
  2. There is a complete drainage system installed in the under fill of the unit. It is not a water pit.
  3. It is specifically designed to handle the rain and snow and drain away as fast as possible the water that may be left from a heavy rain.
  4. The court is finished with professional grade material and its final top coat is crushed oyster shells. It’s what the pros use.
  5. Oyster shells are designed to allow drainage and provide a smooth roll of the ball. They are not designed to be layered thickly onto the rolling surface.
  6. The court is tamped down firmly and from time to time you may see black under material surface. This is not a cause to pour an additional layer of oyster shells as its increasing thickness will result in a slow and harder to throw rolling of the ball.
  7. When you see a black spot and between games, players should use the rake/brush (hanging on the pavilion wall) and drag the court to a level, flat playing surface.
  8. The proper etiquette is to NOT WALK on the playing surface during a game. Only those playing should be on the court.
  9. We have some additional bags that are still on back order for touch up purposes as time goes by. It is not intended to add a major thickness to the rolling surface. We will store these and use as required.
  10. The string rope lights have been removed. They have proven to be a questionable feature. The sticky backing has not stuck. The rake has knocked it down and in one case broke the string. Their return is questionable at this time. Lighting was a bonus feature and not originally in the plan.
  11. The surrounding rock area was designed so that golf carts could be driven close by and used for seating of spectators and possibly lighting if needed.
  12. There were originally some rocks at the near end toward the club house that was discovered after play was started and they have been dug out and removed and stacked by the trees. If you want to see just how big a rock can be, take a look at these.
  13. The existing brand new benches have been moved several times now. They are heavy and are not truly designed to be moved to shade so my suggestion is to stand in the shade of a tree when not rolling and use when they are shade covered.
  14. The Activities committee had tried to originate a BB captain and in fact had two lesson meetings. They are now looking to find a person to organize and undertake a BB plan. Anyone interested?
  15. The Bocce balls themselves are in the library. The rules are laminated inside the case for anyone to play. I suggest for now, that all interested go down and check this sport out. This is a fun senior sport that is sweeping the valley. Bring a friend or another couple with you to try this out. Early morning or late afternoon or dinner is probably the best time to play.

Information Center Update

Image result for informationThe new information center is nearing completion. The cement is curing on the support posts and soon the surrounding dirt will be graded and rocked for mud-free walking around the panels.

The blue that everyone has asked me about was the protective plexiglass covering. It has now been removed and some initial postings have begun. Four panels have some information posted. It is a work in progress.

There are six panels that now have temporary paper headers pinned into position. Some information has been placed by me in several areas.  During the annual meeting it was requested that we post some of the thoughts that are being discussed by the Advisory Committee. I have posted the February 27, 2017 meeting notes for review. There are some pictures of signage ideas as well. There was a discussion about signage at the Annual meeting and these are just some thoughts about value enhancement and not about developer sales signs.

There is now space available to owners for 3” x 5” file card size posting on these topics: items for sale, for sale by owner lots and completed units, for rent, vendors and laborers you have used. It is for use by Village owners! Fill in your card and get it to any Advisory Committee member for posting. Business cards are also acceptable. Members are listed on the Advisory Committee panel. There are about twenty blank cards left inside one of the panels if you do not have any. Wal-Mart sells a pack for a buck.

The Activity Committee has one complete panel and has posted the most current schedule. They will be updating as they move along.

I have been asked why it located way over there. It is because we cannot park anymore cars at the front door and many people drive over to the dumpsters frequently so this spreads the traffic out and reduces the congestion. Yup, it’s a different approach so let’s see how this works. It may also be video friendly.

Courtesy of Ray Hedlund

New Places to Spend Time

Image result for bocce ball imagesThose of you already in the Village might have noticed activity near the clubhouse. There have been backhoes and dump trucks and workers everywhere.

The developer remodeled the horseshoe pits. The concrete was removed from the pit areas and replaced with railroad ties. In doing this, the pit areas were expanded and are now regulation size.

A bocce ball court is currently in the works. It should be complete in a few weeks. It will have benches, lights and a scoreboard.

Please give a shout-out to your Advisory Committee as these projects were brought forward by them. The bocce ball court was done without raising monthly dues.

So You Won’t Go Blind

The Village Advisory Committee was very busy last summer. By the end of the season, they had made some decisions and presented several projects for consideration.

One proposal was to install two blinds in the club house so that people are able to play games without the disadvantage of sun so bright they can’t see what they are doing. The blinds have been installed.

Stay tuned for information on additional projects. If you would like to make suggestions for Advisory Committee consideration, please contact the member who represents your area.  Click on the image of the map to enlarge it.

Committee members are Wally Simons – Highlanders, Gloria Bitting – Del Rio, Donna Holic – Festival, Frankie Coulter-Top of the Hill, Jo Lindsay – Club House and Ray Hedlund- Mountain Lodges who also serves as chairman.

If you reside in the Rancheros area, please consider joining the committee today! Contact Ray with your interest at

The Army Runs on Volunteers

WMVV DistrictsCourtesy of Ray Hedlund, Advisory Committee Chair

The Advisory Committee has recently received the resignation of Bob Rubin. Bob and Paula have worked very hard to help establish this committee and have donated a year of their time. The Committee and the Board wish to extend our thanks for a job well done.

Frankie Coulter has joined the Advisory Committee filling the open position previously held by Sylvia Coats. Frankie will be representing the Top of Hill. Frankie was one of the first owners in the Village and has spent her summers there for twelve years. She will be representing the largest number of Members, those who live above Elizabeth. We welcome her to the committee.

Bob’s exit leaves an opening for someone from the Rancheros area to step up and volunteer for community service. Please let us know if you are interested in working with six other volunteers in facilitating the long term hand off from Declarant to Members. You must live in the Rancheros area. If you are interested in learning more, please send an email to

The members of the Advisory Committee have a responsibility to help shape the future of the Village. Individually you will have the opportunity to represent those owners in the Rancheros area. There are a wide range of subjects that are directly related to Association issues.

The Advisory Committee Charter calls for seven members. If you are interested in this kind of community service, please let us know by sending an email to While we presently have most positions filled, we will be looking for volunteers to help us with projects as we move into 2017.

My thanks to the committee members who have served the entire year in getting this committee organized and up and running. The first year is always the most difficult as we work through initial organization.

As a reminder, the areas and representatives are:

Festival – Donna Holick
Club House  – Don Murray
Top of Hill – Frankie Coulter
Highlanders – Wally Simons
Del Rio – Gloria Bitting
Rancheros –
Mountain Lodges – Ray Hedlund