Dogs in Close Quarters

This Is Why Small Dogs Bark More Than Big Dogs | Get Leashed MagazineDogs bark, we all get that, but when one barks for minutes on end without the owner doing anything about, it becomes a nuisance.  There are many residents in the Village with dogs that continually bark or yap when someone walks by the resident’s RV or Park Model or when they themselves are out walking.  Some dogs enjoy lunging at people who walk by. Declaring the dog won’t bite isn’t really very reinsuring. Afterall, no one wants to find out the hard way.

In addition to a city ordinance about barking dogs, the CCR’s Section 3.11 state that ”Animals should not be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or otherwise become a nuisance.” Yes, “unreasonable” is subjective so please refer to the above statement—Dogs bark, but when allowed to continue to bark without instruction from the owner, that’s when the problem occurs.

It’s hard to chat with people about their pets, so please be mindful about placing your neighbor in a situation where both of you might become uncomfortable.  The board certainly can’t dictate how people train their dogs, but here is a great article about training your dog to be a good RV neighbor:

Thanks for being a good pet neighbor.

Fire Frequently Asked Questions

Campfire Cartoon Stock Photos And Images - 123RFIs the HOA responsible for informing residents of fire conditions?
No, it is the responsibility of residents to become aware of such conditions.

Do residents need a permit to burn in fire pits?
A permit is not required. Be sure to clear the area of any flammable debris, have a water source nearby, and make sure flames do not exceed 2 feet above the pit. The fire must be attended at all times and pit remains be cold to the touch when fire is done.

Is it okay to burn pine needles and leaves?
No, they should be discarded in the roll-off dumpsters to help cut down on unnecessary smoke and fire risk.

When would an open fire be of concern?
If it is uncontained, greater than 1’x1’x1’, and appears to be a fire danger. If those conditions exist, call 911.

What is a red flag warning?
A red flag warning is issued by the National Weather Service to let firefighting and land management agencies know that conditions are optimal for the start and spread of wildfire.

What does a red flag warning mean to me?
When a red flag warning is in effect, no outdoor burning is permitted, including in fire pits or charcoal barbeques.

For more information, or to confirm whether a red flag warning is in effect, contact the Timber Mesa Fire Department at 928-537-5100 or check out their website at

Keep alert, stay informed, use good judgement, stay safe!

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Fire Restrictions Beistle 57322 3D Campfire Centerpiece, 12-Inch ...Please be advised that the City of Show Low has implemented fire restrictions. No fires are allowed inside the City limits with the exception of the use of propane for grills.

The Village is nestled in the midst of a pine forest that could ignite at the drop of a hat. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Annual Water Line Flush

Image result for fire hydrant imagesThe Village water lines will be flushed Saturday March 7.  No one will lose water as a result, but you may experience “cloudy” water during the process. If that should happen, you will need to turn off the water for 15 to 20 minutes and it should clear up. As an alternative, try running the water for a short time to clear it up.

Flushing the lines yearly is a necessity and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Strolling With Your Dog in the Village

Text, Type, Font, Typography, Typographic, DoodleWhile there is not a “dog park” in the Village, many people take their dogs for walks along the roadways and in the Festival Area. The Village is subject to the animal guidelines and policies of the City of Show Low.

As part of the policy, dogs cannot be at-large. In other words, all dogs must be on a lease when not on the owner’s property.

It is unlawful for any person whose animals defecate on property they do not own to fail to immediately clean up and properly dispose of the waste. This would apply to roadways, drainage ditches, the Festival Area and any other property which is not owner’s lot.

The entire policy can be found on the City of Show Low Animal Control page. A link can be found here as well.

In Case of Fire or Other Emergency

Image result for fire emergency imagesThis is an update on how to get out of Dodge in the event of a fire or other emergency that would require rapid departure. We know we can leave via Vacation Village Drive which exits onto White Mountain Road. However, there are three other outlets. These are emergency exits and were required by the City of Show Low before approval of the different units.

Before we discuss those exits, let’s define “emergency”. Merriam-Webster defines emergency as “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action”. A pre-evacuation notice in the event of a fire would not be an emergency as this notice would be issued giving people enough time to gather important papers and medications and to make decisions on what to do with pets. If the pre-evacuation order turned into an actual evacuation, there would be time to leave in an orderly fashion. This type of notice and evacuation should not result in a panic situation.

An emergency might occur as a result of a fire that starts in or very near the Village and is moving quickly. Under such a circumstance there might not be time to leave with anything but your life. In an instant such as this, you might feel compelled to use one of the three other exists. All three exit onto Ellsworth Road via breakaway or “crash” gates. Next time you are out for a walk make a mental note of where they are located. There is a gate at Elizabeth and Ellsworth Heights Road in Unit 2, a gate at Recreation Loop and Ellsworth Heights Road and a gate at Mule Skinner Loop and Ellsworth Heights Road, both in Unit 4. These gates are fairly low and each is secured with a set of two padlocks (one is a fire department lock). Unlocking any of them opens the gate.  Until very recently, there was a third combination lock. That lock was removed.

The gates are called “crash” gates for a reason. They are meant to be crashed through in the event a rapid escape becomes necessary. You might recall the deadly Camp fire that resulted in eighty-six fatalities. Many of those who died could not outrun the fire. The combination locks were removed so that no one would be tempted to save their vehicle while everyone behind them perished in the flames.

If you find yourself first in line at one of the crash gates, simply “crash” through the gate. It was designed for this. Yes, you will damage your vehicle but the people behind you will be grateful. Another option is to lay back and wait for someone else to crash through it first. You could also make “first through the gate” assignments on an annual rotating basis. Everyone gets a turn.

Let us hope we never have a situation where you would need to use the emergency exits. However, now everyone should know that crashing through the gate during an emergency is the safest and fastest way out of the Village.

Water Tank Update

Image result for dripping water imagesThe water tank is not leaking. The backflow device is leaking and the City of Show Low sent someone to shut it off. HOAMCO is working to locate someone to repair it. The level in the tank is currently at fourteen feet. This should be sufficient until someone can repair the backflow device.

Unit 2 Fire Pits

Image result for firepits cartoon imagesMany lots in Unit 2 were sold with fire pits. It is the responsibility of individual lot owners to verify fire conditions or burning guidelines. This information can be obtained by contacting Show Low Dispatch Center, Timber Mesa Fire and Medical, or Northeastern Arizona Public Information System.

Fire conditions and burning guidelines change daily. Checking on the day you wish to use your fire pit is the only way to know for certain that a fire is okay.

Your cooperation is paramount to the safety of the Village from an errant fire. Call 911 if you know of any residents who are violating fire restrictions or warnings.

Lot Sales – How You Can Help

Aluminum Wood Welcome Letter BlockThe developer is working diligently to get the remaining twenty-one lots sold. Some have been selected for park models as a way to enhance marketability. Other lots are being purchased by people who want to be very involved in selecting just what they want on the property.

As a reminder, Unit 3 Phase I was developed to have two adjacent lots share a carport (please refer to the blog of July 19, 2018). Perhaps you would like to purchase two of these lots and develop them. The park models could be used as rentals, sold as a money-making investment or a combination of both.

If you are interested, please contact Bridget Wood at the sales office. Her number is 928-367-1717 and she has the scoop on two lots and a shared carport.

That is one way to help. Additionally, please remember that current owners are the best ambassadors for the Village. A friendly hello and a willingness to answers questions when you’re out and about will go a long way toward making potential owners feel welcome.

Recently, a couple had three lots in escrow. They had an appointment to meet someone at the lots to discuss and plan how to place their unit. A neighbor came out of his home and instead of greeting them and introducing himself, he told them they would have to find somewhere else to park. They were not blocking anyone’s driveway. They were not going to be there for the day. This story does not have a happy ending. The buyers promptly moved their vehicle to the sales office and canceled the escrow. Think about that. There are currently twenty-one lots left to sell. Those three would have reduced that amount to eighteen with most of the summer left to sell additional lots.

It would be helpful to remember that you don’t need to police potential buyers. Assuming we all have the same goal of getting the developer out of the business of selling lots and owners in the business of running the Association, cooperation is critical. Your help is greatly appreciated by both current owners and the developer.

Animals in the Village

Related imageThe Village is situated in the boundary of the City of Show Low. City of Show Low animal guidelines and policies govern animals in the Village. If you have questions or concerns, please visit the City of Show Low Animal Control page. A link can be found here as well.

If you have questions or concerns or a problem with a stray or barking dog, the appropriate course of action is to contact the City of Show Low Animal Control Officer.