Life is Short. Do Stuff that Matters

Image result for TEAM imagesContributed by Linda Wright Lulkovich – Transition Committee Chair

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”  Jane Goodall

 So, to that end, we need a few residents to step up and serve on the Transition Committee.  The Board has recently chartered this Committee and is seeking qualified residents to apply.  The Committee members will have a sincere interest in doing the necessary “due diligence” to insure the integrity of White Mountain Vacation Village Recreational Subdivision Association (RSA) at transition from Declarant control to owner control. Continue reading

Beware the Bear!

Image result for black bear picturesDonna Holick has confirmed bear sightings from Ellsworth Road to Elk Trot Loop.  It’s a young one searching for food and water. Please put all trash in receptacles and consider not feeding squirrels, birds etc. for the time being.

The bear left a nice pile of bear scat at the bottom of Donna’s stairs.

Let’s Talk Trees

Image result for bark beetle cartoon imageLack of moisture in the White Mountains not only puts the area in danger of fire but stresses the trees. Bark beetles are native to forests and can play important ecological roles. However, when dry conditions last for years, it’s an invitation for the beetles to cause extensive mortality. In the last decade or so, bark beetles have been found in spruce, lodge pole, pinyon-juniper, and ponderosa forests.

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