Road Maintenance

Image result for road paving cartoon imagesWork on the asphalt roads will begin on Monday. There will be clear routing direction from the company doing this. If all goes well, it will be completed by Friday.

Thanks for your patience while this work is being done.

7 thoughts on “Road Maintenance

  1. Being they are crack sealing today it would of made sense to remove speed bumps seal cracks and multiple holes under them and whatever coating you put on next week HOPEFULLY you won’t coat around them and waste more money and end up with just another patch job.


  2. I tried to call sherry at HOMACO and continued to get her voice mail. Just looked at the crack seal job they did a couple hours ago on Elizabeth, If I hired them I would want it done again in areas some missed , some very light……Not Good Maybe our resident street manager should check the work.


  3. NO CLEAR routing instructions ….use Elsworth sign is barely readable and says farnsworth!
    You can go through the rodeo grounds.


  4. Are they done on Elizabeth? I hope not. I would like to know the schedule so I’m not here due to health reasons. We left for the week last week & nothing happened


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