Water Tank Update #2

The backflow device has been repaired. The water is back on. The Village was not ever in danger of running out of water.

2 thoughts on “Water Tank Update #2

  1. Where is the water tank located? How long and how wide is the easement for the line that runs to the water tank to the park? How wide is the easement around the water tank? Since this is a private water company why was the city involved and turned it off? Inquiring minds want to know the simple questions thank you.


    1. The tank sits high on a hill south and east of the Village. Before the transition takes place, the property the water tank sits on will be deeded to the Association along with the proper easement for the line. The water in the tank comes from the City of Show Low. An annual fee must be paid to the City for the backflow device. The City must also annually inspect the backflow device. If the device springs a leak, the City must turn off the water until it is repaired. Someone from the City spotted the leak when they read the meter.


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