White Mountain Vacation Village Infrastructure

Contributed by Don Murray (Transition Committee) and Sherry Watson (HOAMCO)

Three of the duties and responsibilities of the Transition Committee during the Transition process are to:

  1. Inspect Association common areas for defective conditions.
  2. Obtain a list of contractors and “as-built” plans for Common Area structures and improvements.
  3. Retain experts as needed.

While working with Sherry Watson (HOAMCO) and the Recreational Subdivision Association (RSA) Board to perform these duties, much has been learned. The purpose of this communication is to share this information with you, the members of the RSA.

The water, sewer and roads in WMVV are private systems. This means they are owned and maintained by the RSA and not the City of Show Low. More details regarding these systems are included below:

Water System

Our water is provided by the City of Show Low through their system to a central meter which is located just prior to our water tank. The City water system ends just after the meter. The WMVV water system starts after the meter and includes:

  • The piping from the meter to the water tank,
  • The water tank,
  • The distribution system from the tank to our individual lots.

The City is responsible for the system up to, and including, the water meter. We, through our RSA, are responsible for everything from the meter to our lots. We, individually, are responsible for the piping on our lots from the street to the point of use.

On July 4th, there was a leak in the piping from the meter to the water tank. Since the leak was located after the meter, it was our (the RSA’s) responsibility. A call was placed to HOAMCO which handles all maintenance for the RSA. HOAMCO then contacted the on-call plumber who fixed the leak.

Sewer System

The sewer system is comprised of the collection system which captures the effluent from our lots and delivers it to the lift station which is located at the lowest point near Ellsworth Rd. The lift station then pumps the effluent through the main sewer line in WMVV. The main sewer line runs from the lift station to Vacation Village Drive and then along Vacation Village Drive to the City’s sewer system at White Mountain Blvd. The City recently assumed responsibility for the lift station and the main sewer line in WMVV. As with the water system, we individual lot owners are responsible for that portion of the system on our lots, the RSA is responsible for the collection system from our lots to the lift station, and the City is now responsible for the lift station and the main sewer line in WMVV. The lift station has an automatic alert system which notifies the City of any problems. The City has portable generators which can be used in the case of an extended power outage. They also have tank trucks fitted with pumps which can be used to empty the holding area at the lift station, if required.


All roads in WMVV are private roads which are owned and maintained by our RSA. By agreement, Woodfield shares in the maintenance of Vacation Village Dr through an annual payment to the RSA.

While not yet owned by the RSA, the clubhouse and festival areas are part of our infrastructure for which the RSA has the maintenance responsibility.

Clubhouse – See lease on wmvv.org

The clubhouse is not owned by the RSA but is leased from the developer. At the time the clubhouse was built, the RSA was not able to obtain the necessary financing, so the developer obtained a mortgage, built the clubhouse and leased it to the RSA on a triple-net lease. This means the RSA is responsible for all maintenance, expenses and improvements. The lease payment generates enough funds to pay off the mortgage. When the lease is paid off in 2025, the clubhouse will be turned over to the RSA for $1. The clubhouse parcel of land is already owned by the RSA.

Festival Area – See lease on wmvv.org

The festival area is also not owned by the RSA but is leased from the developer. In lieu of a lease payment, the RSA has the obligation to maintain the property and to provide insurance in the amount of $1M. The property will be turned over to the RSA for $1 at the end of the lease on 12/31/2027. The developer has the option, with 30 days notice, to end the lease at any time prior to 12/31/2027 and turn the property over to the RSA for $1.


As mentioned above in the case of the water system leak, HOAMCO is responsible for managing maintenance and repair of all WMVV infrastructure – water, sewer, roads, clubhouse and festival area.

 In case of an emergency in any of the WMVV infrastructure, please contact HOAMCO at the following numbers:

During normal business hours:  928-537-1067 Ext. 1404

Outside of normal business hours:  844-744-4316

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