New Pool Table

The Pool Player’s Union of White Mountain Vacation Village (PPUWMVV) requested a new pool table. Donna Holick, chair of the Advisory Committee, jumped right on it and facilitated the purchase.

The old table is still there and has been designated by PPUWMVV as being kid friendly with supervision. Enjoy your new pool table.

13 thoughts on “New Pool Table

  1. New pool table yes, it is used a lot . WHY ARE YOU PUTTING FRISBE GOLF IN FOREST TRAIL? Very few people ever walk in there , I know as I’m in there usually twice a day walking my dogs . Extreme waste of our money , kinda like the Bochi Ball put in , never see it used either .


  2. Alice, the job of the Advisory Board is to facilitate requests from WMVV homeowners and to present that to the declarant board. This was done with the Disc Golf 2 years ago as it was requested more activities for kids and families and also how to make better use of the Festival area. Installation of the Disc Golf is being done by volunteers to keep costs down. I think you will find Disc Golf to be very compatible within the Festival area.


    1. For the answer to your question, please refer to the blog post of March 13, 2018, A Primer on Homeowner Associations.


  3. I was sicked to see our natural recreation trail area tore up this morning by disc golf. Our transition team should be working on getting more input before more little used projects are put in.


  4. That is not the job of the Transition Committee. This project was submitted by the Advisory Committee with input from the community. It was approved by the Board last year to be installed this year.


  5. Communication in WMVV Sucks at best this is the first we’ve heard about Dicso Golf…..We agree money waisted on stuff not used….3 sided bill board with Pavers DAH , Ray Headlands game by horse shoes , where is the Dog Park he talked about. Please leave speed bumps out and have the self appointed Street Commisioner turn the streets around like your Father designed them….Fire Dept , Senior Patrol , Propane Companies , UPS , FEDEX , our U S Mail Lady and the owners on Elizabeth gate it our traffic has Greatly increased and I’m tired of exiting on SADDLE BAG.


  6. More activities for kids ? Really ? I see a few kids ( usually grandkids) here on holidays . I’d like to see names of ones you say asked/ voted for this.


  7. How can the Advisory Committee (which is a minority of the village) make decisions for all. There should be some sort of ballot for these decisions. How many requests were suggested for the disc golf decision?


  8. I just walked the festival area. Love to see the disk golf coming in. We needed more physical activities to attract folks to use the area.


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