Dogs in Close Quarters

This Is Why Small Dogs Bark More Than Big Dogs | Get Leashed MagazineDogs bark, we all get that, but when one barks for minutes on end without the owner doing anything about, it becomes a nuisance.  There are many residents in the Village with dogs that continually bark or yap when someone walks by the resident’s RV or Park Model or when they themselves are out walking.  Some dogs enjoy lunging at people who walk by. Declaring the dog won’t bite isn’t really very reinsuring. Afterall, no one wants to find out the hard way.

In addition to a city ordinance about barking dogs, the CCR’s Section 3.11 state that ”Animals should not be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or otherwise become a nuisance.” Yes, “unreasonable” is subjective so please refer to the above statement—Dogs bark, but when allowed to continue to bark without instruction from the owner, that’s when the problem occurs.

It’s hard to chat with people about their pets, so please be mindful about placing your neighbor in a situation where both of you might become uncomfortable.  The board certainly can’t dictate how people train their dogs, but here is a great article about training your dog to be a good RV neighbor:

Thanks for being a good pet neighbor.

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