Fire Frequently Asked Questions

Campfire Cartoon Stock Photos And Images - 123RFIs the HOA responsible for informing residents of fire conditions?
No, it is the responsibility of residents to become aware of such conditions.

Do residents need a permit to burn in fire pits?
A permit is not required. Be sure to clear the area of any flammable debris, have a water source nearby, and make sure flames do not exceed 2 feet above the pit. The fire must be attended at all times and pit remains be cold to the touch when fire is done.

Is it okay to burn pine needles and leaves?
No, they should be discarded in the roll-off dumpsters to help cut down on unnecessary smoke and fire risk.

When would an open fire be of concern?
If it is uncontained, greater than 1’x1’x1’, and appears to be a fire danger. If those conditions exist, call 911.

What is a red flag warning?
A red flag warning is issued by the National Weather Service to let firefighting and land management agencies know that conditions are optimal for the start and spread of wildfire.

What does a red flag warning mean to me?
When a red flag warning is in effect, no outdoor burning is permitted, including in fire pits or charcoal barbeques.

For more information, or to confirm whether a red flag warning is in effect, contact the Timber Mesa Fire Department at 928-537-5100 or check out their website at

Keep alert, stay informed, use good judgement, stay safe!

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