Beware the Bear!

Image result for black bear picturesDonna Holick has confirmed bear sightings from Ellsworth Road to Elk Trot Loop.  It’s a young one searching for food and water. Please put all trash in receptacles and consider not feeding squirrels, birds etc. for the time being.

The bear left a nice pile of bear scat at the bottom of Donna’s stairs.

One thought on “Beware the Bear!

  1. I would like something be mentioned in the bulletin about barking dogs and dogs NOT on leashes in the Village. It has becoming quite a problem with owners not leashing their dogs and the dogs being allowed to run onto other properties, or chasing other dogs (and people) down the street. I thought there was a leash law in our Village. It is also extremely dangerous since bear have been spotted in the Village recently. I would hate to see a dog and bear get into it. . . . .I think the bear just may win!!

    Also, people with dogs should make sure they DO NOT bark constantly either when you are home or away from the house. Once they start, (especially the larger dogs) all the other dogs in the neighborhood begin barking also. It is VERY ANNOYING and disturbing the nice, quite atmosphere of our Village.


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