Life is Short. Do Stuff that Matters

Image result for TEAM imagesContributed by Linda Wright Lulkovich – Transition Committee Chair

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”  Jane Goodall

 So, to that end, we need a few residents to step up and serve on the Transition Committee.  The Board has recently chartered this Committee and is seeking qualified residents to apply.  The Committee members will have a sincere interest in doing the necessary “due diligence” to insure the integrity of White Mountain Vacation Village Recreational Subdivision Association (RSA) at transition from Declarant control to owner control.

Please go to our website to read the charter at  Applications can be make by submitting a letter of interest along with a resume or summary of your qualifications.  Ideally, the Committee should be residents who have backgrounds in accounting, insurance, engineering, law, real estate, HOA management, architecture, along with other similar talents and skills.

We don’t need volunteers, we need folks to make up a TEAM who have the ability to be instrumental in the technical review of documents relating to maintenance, management, finance, insurance, and more.  The goal is to investigate and identify any areas that may be problematic in the future.  This also would include gaining knowledge to validate satisfactory conditions.

Please submit applications to Sherry Watson, Community Manager at:   Contact Sherry with any questions you may have.  Phone:  (928) 778-2293, ext 1404.

Remember, this is YOUR community.  Step up and make a difference!

2 thoughts on “Life is Short. Do Stuff that Matters

  1. Linda….Thanks for taking this on , for those of us that didn’t attend the meeting please tell us….Who are you. Thanks


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