2020 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

Common Questions and Answers – Fire and Gas Detection - Honeywell AnalyticsGeorge and Donna Randall –2171 Lariat Way and 2280 Horseshoe Loop

“Why can we not have gates to be a gated community? We are lot owners of 2 lots and have been broke into several times. We have added locks, lights, security etc. and have still been violated. We even lost our Polaris Ranger that was locked up, covered and they cut the lock. We have asked so many times for the Village to get us gates and have been ignored or told NO WAY! The HOA fees we pay are higher than fees in the valley who are a gated community. There are too many contractors in and out of the Village if they were gated it would all be documented. Our belongings were loaded in a truck and trailer and taken out of the Village This issue needs to be addressed ASAP.

You make some good points related to theft of belongings. Gating the community is a complicated proposition. An issue is the access via Vacation Village Drive. It is ingress and egress for more than the Village. If a gate were installed, with or without an attendant, installing, maintaining it and keeping the entrant list current will increase the quarterly assessment. Another complication is that to be truly gated would require fencing the entire Village.

Jeff Sharrah – 2250 Fossil Trail

“I read in the minutes from the last meeting that the clubhouse is able to have “upgraded DSL internet”.  My question is if a phone line can be run up to the club house, why can’t lines be pulled throughout the development?  Everyone knows the cell service is pathetic and there is NO good internet option for the residents.  So, why not extend the same “priviledge” that the clubhouse has to rest of us?  And/or, can we not invite Verizon to install a cell tower (or some sort of signal booster) in club house parking lot?  Anything would be an improvement.”

Frontier was asked to give a quote a few years ago. They did not respond. They have since filed for bankruptcy. Perhaps someone would like to form a committee to explore what other options are available.

John Kosir – Lot 85 Lariat Way

“How many more lots have to close in the lodges before the homeowners take over the HOA?”

There are three lots in escrow right now. Two should close by September 30th and the other should close by October 20th. That leaves only two lots, 17 & 19 in unit 3 and Lot 12 which has a park model on it.

“How can we go about getting cable internet into the community?”

Cable One (now Sparklight) did a site study in 2018 and responded that the site was “unserviceable.” Construction costs to bring cable to the location is >$20-30k.

“How do I go about running for the HOA board when the homeowners take over?”

Look for a blog post soon to explain the process.

Chuck Vore – 3670 Latigo

“In the winter, please insist that the people doing snow removal go all the way down to the road surface. When they leave a layer on top, it creates an ice slick that makes it impossible to drive on.”

Plows sit on skids to prevent them from plowing down to the surface of the road. That is why we deploy cinders.

“I have suggested this numerous times but my suggestions have gone unheeded. PLEAE PUT ALL THE BOLTS IN THE SPEED BUMPS! They only install them with 2 and after 2 days they are coming up and I have to call to report it. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I stopped my car to put them back in place. It’s a simple thing.”

The speed bumps have been removed for the season in anticipation of the winter snows. The problem will be dealt with next year.

“We need better contact for issues with the laundry room. I am not owed $3 for money lost in non-working machines. One I reported but it was obviously not fixed since it happened again on the same one.”

Sherry Watson is the contact for laundry room issues. Her email address is SWatson@HOAMCO.com.

Jim Larson – 4400 Elk Trot Loop

“What is current disposition of the 6 acre property that is contiguous to the Mountain Lodges?”

The property is currently under contract with a 90-day due diligence clause.

“Why is the emergency gate in the Mountain Lodges locked with a padlock on weekends? If there were a fire that blocked the main entrance we would have no way out.”

That gate is not an emergency exit. Please refer to the blog post of August 23, 2019 “In Case of Fire or Other Emergency” to review information regarding emergency exits.

“Do we presently have an established Investment Committee? If no, then I would suggest one should be established to:

Develop and implement an investment policy with respect to the management of HOA funds

Review the most recent reserve study to ensure funds are available in a timely fashion for upcoming capital projects

Committee to be composed of 2-3 resident homeowners with expertise in investment management, one of whom would be designated Chairman! All committee member to be appointed and approved by Board.

Committee Chairman to report to Board on an as-needed basis with respect to Items 1 & 2.

If this is of interest I would offer to develop a proposed policy for the annual meeting.”

There is not an established Investment Committee and this question/comment may have great value. Typically, the Association Treasurer, in this case the RSA, would head up the Finance Committee and would be a big part of what the Finance Committee would do. It sounds to me like you need to throw your hat in the ring to run for the board. Look for a blog post soon to explain the process.

“Are there any currently pending legal matters involving either the developer and/or HOA?”

There are no pending legal matters involving the developer.

The Court issued a ruling in the case brought by Mr. Standage and Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth against the Association last year.  The Court ruled in favor of the Association and against Mr. Standage and the Ellsworths.  If you want a copy of the ruling, email Sherry Watson at SWatson@HOAMCO.com  and she will send it to you by email.  If you want any further information about the case, it’s a matter of public record and you can view it at the Navajo County Superior Court.

“Has Mr. Standage ever reimbursed us for our attorneys fees relative to defending against his lawsuit(s)?”

Not at this time.

Bill & Susan Daugherty – 211 E. Recreation Loop

“We would again like to bring it to the Advisory Committee’s Attention:

Residents & Service Vehicles for WMVV are speeding post our property located at 2111 E. Recreation Loop (two lots down from the sales office). It is a rather straight stretch before the stop at Recreation Loop & Vacation Village & many choose to use it as a short speedway on the way in & out of Phase II. We requested that an appropriate speed limit sign be installed last year but this has not been done. Please address this issue before there is an incident and someone is hurt or a pet is run over.”

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A sign will be installed soon.

Richard Schaefer – 2320 Quarter Horse Way

“We own a park model at this address. Our driveway is large enough that we could park our small travel-trailer 18’ there with a car. We want to use it on trips around AZ & the 4 corners of AZ-Utah-New Mexico & Colorado. We have no intention to use it as a camper in our driveway. Only to be able to have it here when we wait to travel. According to the CC&R’s this is O.K. Do I have the correct assumption?”

No. The Board passed a resolution in 2017. See below. It can also be found on the Village People website (WMVV.org) under Documents, Forms and Downloads. The document is titled General Rules.

Parking of Additional Vehicles (June 20, 2017) Each lot is restricted to the parking of no more than two additional vehicles, each of which is used only for transportation, and not for eating and sleeping.

The above statement shall be clarified and interpreted to preclude by way of example and not by limitation, Class A, B and C Recreational Vehicles, as those Recreational Vehicles are designed and used for eating and sleeping, and not designed to be used only for transportation.

Dorothea E. Blondefield – 2280 Turtle Creek Road #191

“Myself and others that I have talked to over some years now, would like to have a carport allowed. I know and definitely would want it, that a committee of some sort should ok the construction of these carports to compliment our beautiful White Mountain Vacation Village. Every year, my car is covered with tree sap that could ruin the finish of my car and looks terrible.

This would require a change in the CC&Rs.

“We have a very dangerous problem on the Turtle Creek and Recreation Road. The steep hill prevents us to see the traffic coming from the left because of the car and golf cart parked there. I believe by making Turtle Creek a one way going in the other direction will take care of the problem.”

This issue will be referred to the committee that handled the street direction change.

2 thoughts on “2020 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

  1. As of 10 days ago I noticed all our roll-off dumpsters have been removed but not replaced. I believe that this time of year we might not need all three but we need at least one. Is there a reason for this?


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