Due to scheduling conflicts we have to move the time of this event to 1pm. The Meet the Candidates Event will be held on Saturday, June 26 from 1pm to 3pm.

Save the Date and Meet the Candidates

Seven people have qualified to be on the ballot for the election of the transition board. The nominating committee set the criteria as follows:

  • Be a Member in good standing
  • Complete a Board of Directors Interest Form
  • Submit a resume incorporating relevant background and reason for interest in a board position
  • Attend a three-hour training session covering the roles and responsibilities of RSA board members

The candidates are Roy Chamberlin, Frankie Coulter, John Kosir, James Larson, Doug Ludlum, Linda Lulkovich, and Linda Smith. The candidates would like you to know who they are and why they are running for a board position. Please come meet them on Saturday June 26 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Village Pavilion. It is important because you will be electing only five of the seven and your decision will affect how your Association functions moving forward.

Each candidate will have time to speak and a Q&A will follow. If something is important to you, this is the time to ask about it. No one is running for an officer position as the Association Bylaws require that the board make that decision among themselves after they are elected.

You can find each candidate’s resume and reason for interest in a board position elsewhere on this blog.

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