Meet Sharon Ellis – Activities Committee Member

Sharon Ellis is joining the Activities Committee. She is ready to hit the ground running.

She retired early from her “real” job at the Pacific Bell in 1987, where she was a Long-Distance Telephone Operator, clerk, service assistant, executive secretary, project leader, and ended up as a User Support Analyst in the IT Department. Sharon worked at seven Bell System companies which is now called AT&T. In 1994, she worked a short time for the Sparks’ Police Department as a Police Officer Assistant just outside Reno, Nevada. Her fingerprints are probably still on file in Colorado. Ha! Ask Sharon about that when you see her.

More recent, Sharon was the Treasurer for the Venture Out Foundation for three years in the condominium community in Mesa where she and Mike live during the winter.  Her term ended in 2012.  She was the Business Manager for The Girls Scouts of America in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for five summers from 2003 to 2008.  She managed the trading post, ordered supplies and fun things for the girls, and kept track of each Girl Scout’s spending money while they were at camp. 

Sharon is currently the captain of her Ladies Billiard Pool Team in Mesa.  She puts together the schedule for her team members of twelve for play against other parks in Mesa and Apache Junction and makes sure they have substitute players when needed.   

Sharon is technology literate and owns a laptop, desktop, and an iPhone XS.  She donated her iPad to P.I.C.K. (Phoenix Intercity Kids). She has used Quicken software since 1983 when it was owned by Wells Fargo at that time.

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