FIRE SAFETY PLAN – Clarification on Signing up for email and text alerts

There seems to be some confusion about how to sign up for alerts. The procedure is:


§  Go to google and type in “Ready Navajo County”

§  On the next screen, click on Ready Navajo County

§  Scroll down to where it says sign in to your account

§  Since you do not yet have an account, click on sign up 

§  Provide the required information

§  On the next screen provide how you want to be contacted (email and text highly recommended)

§  Read the additional information on the website about the notification system


§  After completing Step 1

§  Send an email to the committee at

§  Include the following information in your email

o   Last Name, First Name

o   Mobile phone number

o   Street address

o   Lot number

Note 1: The RA Committee does not sign you up for the Navajo County Alerts. You must do this as shown above under Step 1. The Committee will make sure you receive WMVV alerts when you complete Step 2 with all the information requested. This information is for internal use only and will not be provided to anyone else.

Note 2: It is highly recommended that each individual at each lot sign up for both email and text alerts. This will make sure everyone receives both Navajo County and WMVV email and text alerts whether they are at the lot or not.

Note 3: If you have completed both Steps 1 and 2, thank you and you do not have to do anything. If you have previously sent an email to but did not sign up at Navajo County first, start over and complete both steps 1 and 2.

The RA Committee thanks all of you who have signed up for the alert system.

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