Important Fire Safety Information

The Risk Awareness Committee (RAC) was established by the Board last year to address the risk of various issues to WMVV residents. Because of the very high fire danger in the White Mountains due to the below average precipitation, high temperatures, low humidity and windy conditions, the committee decided to develop a Fire Safety Plan as its number 1 priority. Two very important aspects of the Fire Safety Plan are an Emergency Alert System and an Evacuation Plan. It was decided to develop the Fire Safety Plan around the Ready Navajo County Program and the Navajo County Emergency Notification System.

Since the Notification System is integral to the WMVV Fire Safety Plan, it is essential that ALL WMVV RESIDENTS sign up to receive notifications. See instructions below:

Go to Google and type in Ready Navajo County, then on the next screen click on Ready Navajo County, then scroll down to where it says Sign In To Your Account (since you do not yet have an account, click on Sign Up), provide the required information, then provide how you want to be contacted on the next screen (email and text recommended). Also, please read the additional information on the website about the Notification System.

Once you have signed up, please email the committee at and let us know you have done so.  Please include your name, lot number, street address, email address and phone number. This information will be used only by the RAC and will not be provided to anyone else. The RAC needs this information because the WMVV Fire Safety Plan (which you will receive later) requires supplemental information specific to WMVV requirements to be sent out after the initial alert is received from Navajo County.

Please Note: There will be a series of communication meetings in the spring/summer to provide more complete information on the WMVV Fire Safety Plan. It’s essential that all WMVV residents attend one of the meetings so you will be properly prepared to act in accordance with the plan. Please watch for more information about these meetings which will be provided at a later date.

Thank you for your participation in this important program.

The Risk Awareness Committee

Don Murray – Chair

Jan Billings

Bob Mcfadden

Jimmy Smith

Chuck Williamson

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