Architectural Design Guidelines Update

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To achieve the goal of harmony, property owners are required to obtain the prior approval of the Association for many things; primarily changes to their exterior property. If approval is not received for a change to the property, a monetary penalty of at least $250 will be added to the owners account – regardless of approval or disapproval after the fact by the Architectural Review Committee. Additionally, you may be required to remove the improvement at your own expense if it is not approved.

By way of explanation, the CC&R’s determine what you can build and the Guidelines tell you how you can build it. The Guidelines cover everything allowed in all units and phases in the Village. However, not all items in the Guidelines are allowed in all units and phases. FOR EXAMPLE: The Guidelines cover hot tubs, patios, sheds, gazebos, and landscaping but that does not mean those items are allowed under the CC&R’s in every unit and phase.

The major changes to the Architectural Design Guidelines can be found on pages 8, 9 & 10 and include several items. Tree removal guidelines were added. Also, Carport – Unit 3 Phase 1 Only was added. This section defines the size, use and construction of carports in Unit 3 Phase 1.

The other changes affect decks. The previous guidelines allowed a deck to have either a glass or screen enclosure. The current updated guidelines allow only a screened deck.

The board recently discovered that some glassed decks have been turned into livable square footage in Unit 3 Phase II, known as Mountain Lodges. This conflicts with the CC&R’s and is not permitted.

It was the board’s desire to allow residents to use glass to turn a deck into a more comfortable place to spend time in cooler weather. However, it was never the intent to have decks become a part of the livable square footage of the residence. Doing this completely changes the look and feel envisioned for the Village.

If you plan to modify your property in any manner that affects the exterior, please familiarize yourself with the CC&R’s for your particular property as well as the Architectural Design Guidelines. Both can be found on the Village website at

2 thoughts on “Architectural Design Guidelines Update

  1. Looking for referrals for getting an estimate on adding block retaining walls where there are larger rocks currently being used to build up to grade creating the lose of a lot of usable area.


  2. So glad the Board had time to pass revised ARC Guidelines without asking the owners for input or suggestions. However there are problems with this current revision.
    First, the $250 penalty does not comply with ARS 33-1803: Assessment limitation; penalties; notice to member of violation. (
    Second, the ARC needs to follow its own guidelines which it does not currently do. Note all the penalties are on the owners not the ARC/Board for not following the ARC Guidelines.
    Example: Current Sect. 3 states: Committee reviews application. Within 30 days of application date, the Committee responds in writing approving or denying the request. If the application is denied, the letter will specify the reason and, if applicable, instruction on the issues that need to be resolved to obtain approval. The clock does not start until the submittal is complete and we have received all the information we have requested.
    Section 3 should be changed to read, Committee reviews application. Within 30 days of application date, the Committee responds in writing approving or denying the request. In the event the ARC Committee fails to approve or disapprove the request in writing within 30 days after application has been submitted, said application shall be deemed approved.


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