2021 Annual Assessment Notice

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Although no large projects are scheduled for 2021, the Board has a mandate to maintain healthy reserves while avoiding the need for special assessments. White Mountain Vacation Village is a private subdivision responsible for maintaining its infrastructure without benefit of municipal contributions from the City of Show Low. A nominal increase in assessments has been approved for 2021.

Some of the projects for 2021 which your assessments support:

  • Elimination of dead or dying trees and control of explosive new growth. This is a necessary and fundamental strategy in our efforts to control or prevent a possible wildfire. It also benefits our members by improving visibility, which may reduce unexpected and dangerous encounters with wildlife in the area.
  • Road repairs and maintenance
  • Clubhouse repairs and maintenance
  • Pond maintenance

White Mountain Vacation Village Amenities supported by your assessments include:

  • Hiking trails
  • Picnic tables
  • Clubhouse
  • Laundry
  • Pavilion
  • Recreational activities including disc golf, bocce ball, horseshoes

Items included as part of your assessments:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Garbage
  • Snow plowing

Your 2021 statements will be mailed separately. As a reminder, the board made a decision to make your assessments due quarterly. This change stems from a modification to the existing law by Arizona Senate Bill 1531 which was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor last year.  This law became effective January 1, 2020.  The assessments are due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st of each year.  Assessments are late if received after the 15th of the month they are due.  If you wish, for budgeting purposes, to pay monthly you need to first be ahead by two months and then you can submit a monthly payment.  You have the option of opting into electronic statements.

Please plan to make your assessments payments as follows, beginning in January 2021:

  • Unit 2 Phase 1,2, 3 and Unit 4 = $450.00

Mountain Lodges:

  • Unit 3 Phase 1 = $450.00 + $135.00 (secondary assessment for co-owned carports and lot maintenance) = $585.00
  • Unit 3 Phase 2 = $450 + $35 (secondary assessment for Mountain Lodges common area) = $485.00

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “2021 Annual Assessment Notice

  1. I’m a little confused why you would be increasing the annual assessment when we are likely to transfer the property to the community in 2021 and with that will come a relief in the amount of $10,000 per month in rent, we are currently paying to the developer. What am I missing here?


  2. The clubhouse lease is $8,160 per month. The transition will not take place until August as the audit will not be available for the Transition Committee to review until late June. The reserves need to be strong for the protection of property owners.


  3. So it was the $10,000 vs the $8,160 per month and the fact it doesn’t start until August, is the part I got wrong and that supports your position for raising the HOA fee for a second year in a row. And aren’t we going to recoup money from the law suites that we’re paid out last year? And who approved this increase, the board that does what you tell them to do? Now that you mentioned the audits, hypothetically, couldn’t that go in the favor of the community financially, if there are discrepancies found in how payments were made to service providers without documentation in the early years of the HOA? Wouldn’t those discrepancies legally have to be paid back? Not really seeing the stated goal: “Although no large projects are scheduled for 2021, the Board has a mandate to maintain healthy reserves while avoiding the need for special assessments.” Why would you even need to bring up avoiding the need for special assessments, is there something your not telling us?


  4. We were not allowed use of any of our amenities at all last season, how can you justify raising the dues, I think it should have been reduced! You are really something .


  5. Are we receiving something with the latest increase? It seems as if you and “your” board keep taking things away from our community but we keep paying more and more…something seems a little off here…so where exactly is this money really going? The roads are crappy. The amenities are non existent management is awful…just curious.


  6. Why were the owners not provided a copy of the Budget for 2021 with 2021 Annual Assessment Notice? This is some thing all owners should receive every year.


  7. Road maintenance and repair? Thats a joke. Never see that happening. The lodges paying for landscape maintenance? Thats a joke too. Because I was told at the time I moved in that the HOA would pay only for mulch in front of my house. Reason I was told “we want the land to look natural “the landscape company only takes care of the houses that have stone in front. I was not given the option of stone. As far as maintaining my carport, I already voted to do it myself. What happened to majority rules? Just charge the person that wants you to maintain it. Tired of throwing money out for nothing!


  8. Has anyone put any thought into how the cinders on our streets from the snow removal crew will be cleaned up. This won’t be a simple “sweep it up” process folks.


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