Clubhouse Update

School Age Children's Enrichment Program (The Clubhouse) - Living on Campus  - Texas Woman's UniversityResidents have understandably expressed frustration over the continued closure of the clubhouse. The board had hoped that the requirements mandated by Governor Ducey would be loosened and it could be opened for use by now. However, the requirements are still in place.

The mandate requires an attendant on duty during open hours. Some of the attendant’s duties would include verifying that anyone entering had signed a waiver, making certain social distancing and mask wearing is taking place and cleaning and sanitizing after each person leaves or moves somewhere else in the building. The Association is not an employer so cannot do this. Inquiries were made to service providers. However, no one is able to do this for the Association.

A credit was issued to each account for the loss of the use of the clubhouse. However, we learned after the fact that homeowner’s associations are not allowed by law to give such credits. Homeowner associations fall under different laws than gyms, spas and other businesses that collect dues. What is done is done but another credit cannot be issued. Adjustments to reflect lower (or higher) expenses will be a natural byproduct of the Association’s budgeting process for the following year’s dues.

Please try to understand the best interests of the Board are served by working in the best interests of the homeowners. That’s what we’re trying to do. We all look forward to a resolution but will continue to follow Governor Ducey’s orders. Stay safe.

29 thoughts on “Clubhouse Update

  1. Hi, I’m a bit confused..did you all issue an additional credit this quarter or are you referring to the credit we received last quarter?? Also, if the clubhouse is not in use, is there a reason to continue to run the AC’s?


    1. There was not an additional credit issued this quarter. An engineer has recommended that the AC run at a temperature of 85 degrees to keep everything stable and healthy. It is set high enough where the cost should be minimal with maximum benefit. Sorry for the confusion.


  2. Sounds like the same lame excuse you used for the laundry. Always find ways to get money back to you. Gyms are open in the Valley so your excuse is just plain not believable.


  3. Gyms in the valley and everywhere else have employees there to perform the requirements. The money is not mine. It’s yours. What doesn’t get used goes into your reserve account.

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    1. The lawsuits filed were all against “YOU THE DEVELOPER ” money 💰 to pay your lawyer’s should of come out of your “THE DEVELOPER’S ACCOUNT ” …….NOT OUT OF OUR PAYMENTS AND RESERVES. MORE SMOKE AND MIRRORS, THAT YOU HAVE PROVIDED ….SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED .


      1. The lawsuit was filed against the Association. The Association’s law firm defended the Association. Surely you can’t be suggesting that the law firm is not acting in the best interests of the Association. The firm represents the Association. The developer’s attorneys are not from the same firm as the Association’s.


  4. If the money is ours then why can they not waive a percentage of our dues rather than issue credits. It’s very difficult to continue to shell out monies that don’t seem to improve anything but the roads. The trails look terrible and picnic areas dilapidated. And the pond resembles a swamp. They have for years. All this money collected but the only thing that seems get attention is the roads.

    We’ve been paying for use of amenities we haven’t been able to utilize for 6 months. And now your saying indefinitely or until the governor says so.

    Your village has lost faith in your leadership and our “board” is useless. If they can raise our dues at the last minute and vote to collect quarterly with just a couple weeks notice then they can vote to reverse it and lower the dues.

    Now is the time to stop handing out excuses and start offering solutions.


  5. Yes. It is in a pdf file that I can’t figure out how to post here. When the webmaster is available, I will get it posted on the website and let you know it’s there. It might not be available until tomorrow.


  6. Liz, during the annual meeting, defending your position on closing the Clubhouse, you said that Show Low made the New York Times COVID 19 report. And I can’t find anything to support your statement. In the September 16th report, no cities are listed at all and Navajo county wasn’t even in the in the top 50% of counties.

    Arizona Covid Map and Case Count
    By The New York Times Updated September 17, 2020, 8:13 A.M. E.T.


    1. Liz,I was the president of an HOA for several years and I know how frustrating the constant opposition can be, but you can’t just throw unsubstantiated remarks and present them as fact, to shut down the opposition. If it’s not a current report, how would that possibly be relevant?


  7. The comment was made in agreement to someone’s comment about the high rates of Covid-19 in Show Low. I wasn’t trying to use that as a reason not to open the clubhouse. There are plenty of other reasons not to open it at this time.


    1. I was participating by Zoom, so I couldn’t hear the comment made from the audience…but I can’t find any evidence to support what you said they were saying or supporting their comment by siting an New York Times article or any reports that state Show Low has ever been an issue. Even the Navajo Nation has a reopening plan and they were harder hit than most in Northern Arizona. . FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Popular tourist destinations on the Navajo Nation, including Canyon de Chelly, can welcome back tourists Monday under the tribe’s reopening plan.,New%20Mexico%2C%20Utah%20and%20Arizona.


  8. Yes you made that clear at the meeting…I’ll be watching for your proof or retraction of your statement insinuating that Show Low has been highlighted for having higher than average COVID 19 cases or deaths or whatever you believed was in that article. A lot of people in the community will believe believe what you said and may unnecessarily be concerned that there are higher average COVID 19 cases or deaths. I know I didn’t understand you were talking about an article that isn’t even relevant currently.


  9. As of Thursday, September 24 Governor Ducey stated that the state of AZ “Is Open” . Can you please update us on when the clubhouse will be opened?


  10. As much as I hate to see the nanny state at the clubhouse continue, that’s not exactly what he said.

    By Karly Tinsley | September 24, 2020 at 10:18 PM MST – Updated September 25 at 7:09 AM
    TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – It’s a “no” on another shutdown from Gov. Doug Ducey.

    During his press conference on Thursday, Sept. 24, he said he would not be shutting down businesses for a third time. This comes despite health officials predicting a rise into the “substantial” transmission category next week.

    “Arizona is open. Arizona’s economy is open, Arizona’s education institutions are open, Arizona’s tourism institutions are open,” said Ducey. “The expectation is they are going to remain open. We are not–due to a gradual rise in cases be making any dramatic changes.”

    As of Thursday, Pima County is in the “moderate” transmission category when it comes to the benchmarks for businesses. This means businesses like gyms, nightclubs and movie theaters must remain under 50% capacity. But Dr. Cara Christ said she expects that to change

    “As we’re looking at the data we are seeing that there are counties that will likely go back into substantial spread starting next week,” said Christ.

    According to the AZDHS website, going back into the substantial category means businesses must remain closed until the county goes back to moderate. This data fueled the previous shutdowns in March and June, but both Ducey and Christ are taking a different stance this time around.

    “We want to avoid closing down if we can implement mitigation strategies, that would be preferable,” said Christ.

    Ducey pointed out [statewide] our positivity rate is low, along with hospital and ICU capacity.

    However, in Pima County, the rate of infection is increasing. The most recent data, ending in the week of Sept. 13, shows the county at 105 cases per 100,000 people. Which puts the county back in the substantial category.

    It takes two weeks for the health department to change their rating, which could come next week.

    The governor says we should anticipate this with increased testing.

    “We should expect a rise in cases. You just heard about the amazing technology and rapid results that we’re going to have from saliva based tests and on site tests,” said Ducey. “There’s things that we can do just like we have been doing. Socially distancing, wearing masks, washing hands. But Arizona is open and we’re going to remain open in a safe and healthy way.”

    Copyright 2020 KOLD News 13. All rights reserved.


  11. Thank you so much for coping and pasting the article that I read. I also want to thank you for introducing a new term “nanny state” into my vocabulary. Which describes the situation to a tee.
    I would like to point out that we don’t live in Pima County. You are also welcome to stay home and not go to the clubhouse. It’s time to get the clubhouse back open as AZ is and let us enjoy it responsibly.


    1. I want the Clubhouse open too and I don’t stay home now and never have…moved here from California because there were less restrictions Became a resident of Arizona because it’s less restricted and more conservative. But using information out of context to make your argument, doesn’t help. The fact is, all Liz has to do is point out that bars and pool halls are still not open and bars that are open have agree to run their busines like a restaurant with the same restrictions. So you see although Ducey made a big splashy headline you don’t have to read very far to see what reality is.


  12. The last update I read was back in September 2020 regarding the WMVV Clubhouse. In March 2020, Gov. Ducey announce restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, water parks and bars that serve food for dine-in can immediately open at 100% capacity. Is the Clubhouse open yet? If it is closed, when will it be open?

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  13. From today’s post in case you didn’t see it, “We will also post soon about clubhouse use and access. Stay tuned and stay safe.”


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