An Explanation of the Clubhouse Internet

Components Required For Internet Marketing | Sunny Design Demo ClubPlease be aware that the clubhouse internet was set up for residents to check their email and get on the internet from inside the clubhouse. It was not set up with Zoom or Skype meetings in mind. And it was not intended to provide service to those trying to access it from outside the clubhouse. Residents trying to access the internet from the parking lot or other areas outside the clubhouse may not connect at all or, if they do, may not have a dependable connection.

One resident reported recently that Frontier only allows internet connection for an hour and then cuts it off. Perhaps the resident was trying to access the internet from outside, called Frontier, and was given wrong information. Regardless, this is not correct. Our service allows for unlimited usage. That said, connection interruptions will occur at times due to Frontier – even from inside the building. Other businesses and private customers serviced by Frontier also experience these interruptions. They cannot be helped. The commercially-rated DSL service implemented last fall has been quite reliable so far – unlike what we had in the past when the modem and router had to be recycled frequently to jump start the connection. The wireless access point in the building meets the requirements for delivering dependable service to those inside.

For those residents that have depended on accessing their email and internet from inside the clubhouse, we appreciate your patience until the building is reopened.

7 thoughts on “An Explanation of the Clubhouse Internet

  1. It is time to open the clubhouse .
    If you feel the need, put a sign to say use at your own risk . We are adults and can make our own decisions.
    The state is open and our clubhouse needs to be also


  2. Yes. Patience has run out. Even New York is open now😳! I will have to, on some occasions, Park by the front door and access the internet. There is no other that works here. This internet was part of the deal when we bought here. We went to Frontier Internet, that you use, and asked for our own service. They stated that they have tried for years to get into WMVV. But was told by HOA that it can not give permission. We were paying for it ourselves. What gives. Is this a Power Play!


    1. We don’t believe internet service would have been promised to any resident as part of a lot sale. It is an amenity of the clubhouse that is unavailable right now due to the current closure of the clubhouse. We’re pleased you’ve had success at gaining access from outside the front of the building. It is not correct that Frontier has been trying to get our business for years and been rejected. At one time, a WIFI Committee made up of residents worked hard at pursuing wireless options for extending internet services to the community. They found that solutions were cost-prohibitive for the Association. They pursued options with Frontier for adding wireless “hot spots” to extend service at an additional charge to residents. Frontier was to conduct a feasibility study to see what was possible, but did not follow up after exhaustive efforts by the Committee to reach out to them. We hope this helps clear up any confusion.


      1. Liz, while I may not have been “promised” internet service, it was certainly a selling point. However, the club house was promised to us and every other buyer. Therefore, I think a response from you is in order, why you choose to take that away from us. Time to put aside the Covid19 response. As was stated in a previous reply, we are all adults and can and will make decisions for our own health. We do not appoint you to do so. If someone chooses to stay home, so be it. Others are moving on with their life. There is NO way someone could prove they got Covid19 from the club house. Were they forced to be there? Doubt it. How many people have come forward saying they got Covid19 from the laundry room?
        Think you should stop throwing money at lawyers. They will drag things along until they have it all. Sure you know that by now. Or if you are totally scared of being sued, then turn the HOA over to the homeowners themselves and you are out of it. You and the attorneys cannot continue to control our lives. Let’s take a vote. Now. Not in September when most people leave for the season.


  3. Addition to my comment. I have medical reasons for needing the internet. Communication with my Dr. I thought no problem here, as always was available before. Please explain your valid reason for keeping it closed.


  4. I agree with the above ladies, it’s time to open our Clubhouse. We are adults and know what to do to protect ourselves and it should be our choice. If groups want to go and play billiards, cards or go up and exercise it should be up to them.
    If you decide not to open will there be a credit to our HOA fees again? ………… Thanks…….Carol


  5. Could you please tell me why the club house is still closed. Social distancing, wearing masks, etc. rules could be accomplished.

    I also noticed the air conditioners and fans still keep the house cool and no one can take advantage of it. With the high heat we are experiencing, even in the village, it would be more comfortable to be inside for those that have to use the internet.


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