Assessment Credit

Law Faculty Scholarship And - Cartoon Dollar Sign Transparent, HD ...The clubhouse and laundry were closed due to the Covid-19 crisis. There is no reasonable way to know when these facilities can safely be reopened. The board has directed HOAMCO to issue a credit of $82.50 to each account. This amount will be reflected on the next statement you receive.

Please be advised that internet service can be accessed from the parking lot and the pavilion. If you choose to do this, we ask that you practice social distancing in order to protect each other.

8 thoughts on “Assessment Credit

  1. Per HOAMCO, you will still have a credit on your account. You can adjust the next payment you make, even if it is for the following year.


    1. From HOAMCO today: The credits were all issued and for auto debits they will pull what is due, which would minus the credit.

      Here’s my two-cents. The Board did not authorize a credit until April so I can only assume that when your payment is deducted in June, it will reflect the credit. If not, please reach out to Sherry.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I will clarify with Sherry how the program works and make sure her office has issued the credits. Stay tuned.


  3. No credit here…

    How exactly has was that $82.50 calculated? I don’t think that amount is sufficient. The laundry/clubhouse is closed for nearly two months now. Please disclose how this figure was determined. We should probably receive a second payment/credit for this closure by now.


  4. The board anticipated a three-month closing of the laundry and clubhouse. We used the figures from the 2020 budget and included the following:
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Internet/phone
    • Triple net lease
    • Cleaning
    • Laundry
    • TV/satellite
    These totaled $10,204.33 per month. The budget allows for 370 residents billed for assessments which means each is paying $27.58 per month for the above categories. Rounded down to $27.50 and multiplied by three comes to $82.50.


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