Community Member Victim of Covid-19

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeupIt is with great sorrow that I write of the death of Larry Lindsay. He and his wife Jo contracted covid-19 and had been bravely fighting to recover. On Wednesday, Larry was admitted to Banner Baywood in Mesa where he was intubated. This morning he lost his battle.

Larry and Jo have lived in the Village since 2006. Larry was a member of the Board of Directors for several years. He and Jo were in charge of lot sales in the Village for years. They worked tirelessly on two separate occasions coordinating activities for Village residents. They made many friends during the time they spent summers in the Village. We will all miss Larry’s smiling face.

The following was posted on Jo’s Facebook page:

Make no mistake. When loved ones are removed from your home by ambulance because the virus has hit them hard, you are not going to be able to follow them there, sit by their hospital bed and hold their hand.You are not going to be able to pop in at 7:00 pm for visiting hours. They are going to have no one other than exhausted and brave hospital staff to see them through days or weeks of barely breathing through a ventilator until they either die or recover. They are not going to be well enough to text you.

You are not going to be able to phone the ward to check in on them regularly (staff will be too busy for that). During that time, they will be completely alone, while you sit at home waiting to hear whether they have made it through.
Imagine that person is someone you love dearly. Because it’s going to be a reality for many in the coming weeks.

And if that person in hospital happens to be you, going through that ordeal completely alone, it would be nothing less than terrifying.

Please stay home and only go out if absolutely necessary. Social distancing is imperative right now for your family and mine.

Unfortunately this happed to me today – I lost the love of my life

Be safe – take care of each other and be grateful for everyday you have …. our girls- Tara & Tracy have been my live savers as I too have suffered with this Covid 19 … Tara has been with me as she has also had Covid 19 but is now immune – poor Tracy can only visit thru window, FaceTime. … no real hugs …. which we want to do

I fortunately am getting better but still in quarantine – so stay safe everyone – never in my wildest dream thought we would a statistic .

Please honor Larry by practicing social distancing and taking this unprecedented crisis seriously. No one wants to think that this could happen to them or someone they love.

7 thoughts on “Community Member Victim of Covid-19

  1. Oh Jo,
    I am heart broken for you and your daughters. So sad to hear about Larry. This virus is so awful especially when it it’s your loved one. Know I am praying for you all.


  2. We’re so very sad and sorry to hear this Jo. Our hearts goe out to you and your family. We just loved Larry, such a great man.


    1. Jo and Family: We are so sorry to hear about Larry. I always enjoyed talking to him when he was walking your dog in the early mornings. Please know we are thinking of you right now and hope you will soon be out of quarantine. Our condolences on the loss of your beloved husband and father.


  3. Thank you for letting me know. So glad Jo is recovering. Family is in my prayers. I will let Julie and Steve Core know. So sorry.


  4. Jo, Tara, Tracy, and Family
    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one.
    Larry will be greatly missed not only by his family but also by many many friends.
    I was shocked to hear of the loss of a friend. I was told yesterday, and every since I have been hearing his laugh. He always seemed to be smiling and chuckling. I don’t think I can remember a time, he didn’t seem happy to see a friend and spend some time talking with them. He seemed to enjoy everything around him. He would always find time to help anyone he could. Larry was quite a friend to everyone.
    Jo , you with Larry have left quite a mark in the WMVV.
    Larry will always be with you and your family. He will never leave you.
    Take care of yourselves.


  5. Dear Jo,
    We find it very hard to believe Larry has passed. He will missed by many. Larry was everyone’s friend. Always a smile on his face. A greeting usually involved a hug and a kiss. Always ready and willing to help. Larry, and you Jo, were the very first White Mountain Vacation Villagers we met. We purchased our cabin through you guys and our friendship bloomed from there. So many good times! Our hearts are broken but fond memories remain. He was loved! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    We love you. 💕 Dick and Earlene 💕 ( Missing Baxter too! )


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