Clubhouse and Laundry Closed Until Further Notice

Image result for clubhouse closed signAs a proactive measure, the Association is temporarily closing both the clubhouse and laundry until further notice in an attempt to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

11 thoughts on “Clubhouse and Laundry Closed Until Further Notice

  1. While I understand the club house, the WiFi can be used from the parking lot. But closing the laundry just sends the few of us here to one of the only two laundromats in town. How is that helping? When we use the laundry we take Clorox wipes, clean before and after using washers and dryers and am sure others do as well. Also I have not seen more than one person in the laundry at a time – we are practicing social distancing already. Please exclude the laundry facilities from closing!!

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  2. OK, we understand and agree closing the Clubhouse but the Laundry, OMG! Most of us do not have a washer or dryer at our site. What are supposed to do? Go to a public laundry in town? That would put us at more risk as at least the one we have on site has controlled access. We can probably work out a way to maintain distance with each other. Or are you going to allow outdoor washing in tubs and clothes lines?

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  3. So what àre the full time residents supposed to do as far as laundry is concerned. Maybe you should have thought this out a little longer?

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  4. I just checked online at several sites posting what should be closed and what isn’t necessary to close. Laundromats – especially those with very few using it – are deemed safe as long as you do as you do at home wipe counters baskets etc. closing our laundry is just not necessary. We all know what to do and not do. Again, I have not seen more than one person in there at a time doing laundry and am happy to wait until they are finished. Close the clubhouse OPEN the laundry.

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    Laundry services: Laundromats, dry cleaners, industrial laundry services and laundry service providers

    You people have butts for brains.


  6. I am still having trouble wrapping my head around your arbitrary decision to close the laundry here. The follow up email you sent to us this evening said you are doing so to protect everyone in the Village. Those few of us here have agreed to enter one at a time, bring our own cleaning supplies for use before and after we do our laundry. We are all concerned and all are trying to help each other. We too live here we are part of the Village you say you want to protect. We pay our dues and watch our neighbors cabins in the winter months. The village is no different than an apartment with laundry facilities..our laundry should be available to us. The two decent public laundromats are filled with people every hour they are open. Making – MAKING us go there is not protecting us. We only ask –
    Please leave the laundry open. Please

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  7. I’ve been in contact with the City and the County who have told me that they don’t “think” she can close down our laundry room. The county and city have referred me to the health Dept. I’ll be contacting them in the morning. I’ll keep everyone updated.


  8. Internet access is also listed as necessary on the Governor’s list. Our clubhouse is the ONLY internet access we have here in WMVV. While our neighbor, Woodfield has miraculously achieved wifi throughout their entire park – our clubhouse is our ONLY access point. Totally making COVID 19 even harder on the residents here. Especially full timers. We do pay dearly for these services! HOA/MAINTENANCE FEES REFUNDS ARE IN ORDER FOR THIS ENTIRE CLOSURE PERIOD.


  9. Today is May 15 and the entire state of Arizona opened up except the WMVV Clubhouse and Laundry. Doors are bolted and padlocked. Do you people just lay awake at night and dream of elitist ways to purposely inflict difficulties & hardship? You very successfully make daily life in here a nightmare – Congratulations. Well done.


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