Annual Water Line Flush

Image result for fire hydrant imagesThe Village water lines will be flushed Saturday March 7.  No one will lose water as a result, but you may experience “cloudy” water during the process. If that should happen, you will need to turn off the water for 15 to 20 minutes and it should clear up. As an alternative, try running the water for a short time to clear it up.

Flushing the lines yearly is a necessity and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Annual Water Line Flush

  1. in regards to flushing the water lines why don’t they ever flush the hydrant at Horseshoe Loop and Turtle Creek?????


  2. The hydrant at Horseshoe Loop and Turtle Creek was not flushed because it’s a hard place to discharge the water without it negatively impacting adjacent lots. In the past, flushing that hydrant made a mess of one of the lots. The hydrant at Vacation Village Drive was flushed, which is lower and should have taken care of debris associated with the one at Horseshoe and Turtle Creek.


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