2019 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

Image result for Open Forum imagesMilton Carlson – 2160 saddlebag Lane

“Wish to discuss the pros and cons of a Wi-Fi system for people residents of the Village. The internet access is a mainstay in the day to day lifestyle of people everywhere. The variable levels of interest by most people for internet access and usability are known; as such I believe the matter is worthy of a discussion of all related issues. With the advent of 5G our park may be a suitable welcome for this advent.”

Cable One did a site study in 2018 and responded that the site was “unserviceable.” Construction costs to bring cable to the location is >$20-30k. 

 Individuals have found solutions that fit their needs. Two companies are HughesNet for satellite internet and Wi-Power.

Tracy Valle – 3841 S. Horse Shoe Loop

“As I work full time, and often from my computer at home, will fiber optic cables be added to the Village to allow more internet option than Hughes Net?

Cable One did a site study in 2018 and responded that the site was “unserviceable.” Construction costs to bring cable to the location is >$20-30k.

“Summer and holiday traffic is causing the overload of the trash bins. Usually over flowing. Is it possible to get more dumpsters?”


“Regarding the new traffic direction, I am finding myself backing up for vehicles heading the wrong direction on a regular basis; is this enforced direction or will traffic continue as the driver feels pleased?”

There will always be people who think the rules do not apply to them. The expectation is that people will realize the street direction change is permanent and comply. For those hold-outs, the committee will be paying them a visit to seek a favorable outcome.

“Is it possible to get speed bumps added to Horse Shoe Loop as the speed limit signs are not being observed?”

There are enough speed bumps to place them on every street in the Village. However, additional speed bumps will not be added this season. The Board will evaluate before the next season whether or not to put them all down. If people play by the rules and observe the speed limit signs, the additional speed bumps will not be necessary.

Howard Standage – 2161 E. Saddlebag Lane

“How many lots are left to sell in order for the developer to turn the HOA over to the members?”


“What is the total value of all the lots to sell?”


“Would the developer be amenable to selling all the lots to the HOA members through the HOA in order to expedite the turn over to the members?”

The developer would be willing to sell lots to individual Association members. However, selling the developer’s remaining lots to the Association would mean that the corporate entity that is the Association would own title to the lots, not all of the individual owners in the Association. The Association is not in the business of property development nor does it have the expertise or funds to market and sell the lots to end buyers, so selling the lots to the Association would not be a prudent business decision for the Association.

Sharon Ellis – 2281 Saddlebag Lane, Lot 156

“Safety Issue – The caution triangle on the tree in the middle of the road leaving Vacation Village is missing this year. Can we get that replaced?”

There are no signs on the trees in the middle of the road leaving the Village and there never were.  There are signs on a pole coming into the Village. HOAMCO will request Mountains Best install a black and yellow post near the trees as the yellow button on the road is difficult to see.

“We have several people who like to play billiard pool. I would recommend a new/used larger pool table with drop pockets. The existing “bar table” is OK but very noisy. We would like to have both tables. A new table would not necessarily need to be brand new since there are many pool tables available for sale on the internet.”

This has been given to the Advisory Board for consideration.

Jane Walsh – 3761 S Horseshoe Loop

“Why do you have the annual meeting off property?  We have that clubhouse why pay more?”

The Board chose to meet at an outside location. It was done to be able to accommodate the large number of people who attend. The clubhouse is not a venue where everyone can see and hear a speaker.

“Why can’t we have dumpsters for ALL recycling?”

Pickup service is not available for all recycling. This was discussed at last year’s Annual meeting. Please refer to the blog of July 8, 2018.

Chuck Vore – 3670 S. Latigo

“I propose that instead of the speed bumps, actual dips be cut into the road to slow drivers down. These would be permanent and could be placed on all roads. The snow plows go at an angle so would not be affected.”

The Board will take this under advisement.

Tom Lulkovich – 4440 N. Mogollon

“Will committees be covered for D&O after renewal of whatever policy we acquire?”

Yes, unless the claim is brought by Howard Standage.

 “How many lawsuits has Standage filed? Won?”

Two. None.

 “What is position of current case?”

The Board cannot discuss an ongoing lawsuit.

 “Specifically, who was sued?”

White Mountain Vacation Village Recreational Subdivision Association.

 “How much has this cost the RSA?”

$7,000 to this point in time.

 “Who paid for the cost?”

The Association.

 John Chiakmakis – Lot 32, Broken Arrow

“What costs have been incurred by the HOA for past lawsuits/defense file by Standage?”

The cost was paid by the Association’s insurance policy with the exception of the deductible.

 Susan Tredten – 2320 Tenderfoot

“Why is there a sign coming into the Village that says “Campfires OK”? Are we encouraging people to have campfires in our forest-type environment? This is concerning given that we currently have several wildfires burning in Arizona.”

Most lots in Unit 2 contain firepits. The sign was meant to indicate to them whether or not it was okay to have a fire in the firepit. The information was obtained daily from Timber Mesa Fire and Medical. However, the sign has been removed and those owners with firepits will need to verify on their own.

 “What can we do about people driving loud ATVs or golf cart-type vehicles down our streets or using table saws at 7:00 in the morning?”

Nothing. The CC&R’s set the hours for such things between the hours of 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

 “Why do we not recycle plastic bottles and other plastic material?”

Pickup service is not available for all recycling. This was discussed at last year’s Annual meeting. Please refer to the blog of July 8, 2018.

5 thoughts on “2019 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

  1. There is a new company offering broadband wifi in the village it is Choice WI FI contact Bobby McCane 480-352-0706 the price is reasonable my neighbor has it and said the set up was easy, only took about 15 min. He is very happy with it.


  2. We use Hughes Net and are fine with it though we have to monitor our use. We recently did a free trial with Choice WiFi and thought it was quite good and is a simple setup however we still have a Hughes contract so didn’t switch yet. Choice WiFi has unlimited data which is a plus.


  3. Is there a place we can get a copy of the minutes from the annual meeting? I don’t see them listed in the WMVV documents online. Thanks


  4. The minutes from this year’s meeting will not be posted until after they are approved at next year’s meeting.


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