Trash Overfloweth

The Village is growing and many people are currently here enjoying the beautiful weather. This has presented some issues with the trash containers. HOAMCO is working to alleviate the problem.

On Tuesday an additional roll-off will be delivered. We anticipate that this will solve the problem. The roll-offs have been filling fast so there has been no place to dump the household trash.

Please remember that the roll-offs are for lot debris only. Lot debris is defined as tree branches, leaves, pine needles and weeds. Furniture, appliances, big/bulky items and contractor scrap is to be removed from the community. The Village has no way to deal with this type of litter. As you can see in the picture above, some of those items have been left in front of the household trash containers.

For your reference, a sign is in the area of the trash containers as a reminder. Your cooperation will make life in the Village better for everyone.

8 thoughts on “Trash Overfloweth

  1. We also have some who place old TVs, broken screen doors and furniture, and even a toilet one time, in front of the dumpsters in case someone else wants their discarded items. It looks awful.


  2. We also have others who are not “Village People” bringing their trash to our dumpsters. In addition, the gates at the end of Elizabeth are wide open again and we have people bringing their trash, kids, bikes, dogs, cars, trucks etc entering and exiting that gate. Another roll off will certainly help. But another trash bins would too,


      1. Just for aluminum cans. Why not cardboard, plastics, and everything that can be recycled? I believe there is one sort in the county. That would eliminate some of the overflow, only if people are willing to recycle.


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