Heads Up! Quit Driving on Closed Streets!

Image result for stop sign imagesThe concrete contractor was hoping to finish the streets in the Village this week. However, he can’t get more material until next Thursday.  He will do as much as he can.  He is hoping to finish Tender Foot Trail and Saddlebag.

A big thanks to the drivers of the two vehicles that ran over the contractor’s cones and signs today on the section of Horseshoe between Hanging Tree and Elizabeth. The signs blew down but there were twelve cones in the way.  One of the drivers then got out and put up the sign they drove over. This means they drove through his hard work, knowing they were doing so.  This part now looks like crap, just like Kathryn and Mogollon.

Please understand that while these repairs are being done, drivers can avoid ruining the concrete by driving the wrong way on one-way streets.

4 thoughts on “Heads Up! Quit Driving on Closed Streets!

  1. I feel it would have been more helpful if the one way signs would have been covered. Confusing , especially to visitors not knowing they could use the one way streets.


  2. How are you able to accurately identify the culprits? I’m not sure it’s all on the residents here. The back Ellsworth gate has been open for weeks – open invitation for extra non-resident traffic. Many contractors and delivery drivers are on a tight schedule- may not be open the “park and walk” idea. Just sayin.


  3. Noise. I can’t understand why the construction traffic insists on driving through the main streets to pickup supplies from the back Rodeo Grounds area. We have children and older people with pets dodging tractors with huge boulders and numerous work trucks driving way too fast through our community. We have ZERO building going on in our section. These people have a secondary construction entrance over in the Mountain Lodges area… where all of the construction is going on anyway. Residents are required to minimize noise in our community at all times… it’s in the bylaws. Why can’t the construction people do the same? Tractor noise seven hours a day / five and six days a week disrupts the peaceful environment here. It’s completely avoidable… use the back entrance!


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