2018 Annual Meeting Open Forum Comments & Questions

Image result for questions and answers imagesPhillip Dale Ellsworth – 2320 Elizabeth Avenue – Lot 114

“How many current lots are left to sale?”

 Please refer to the blog post of June 2, 2018.

“What is the fiscal year?”

January 1st through December 31st.

“How to review records?”

Contact Sherry Watson at HOAMCO.

Don Murray – 2280 Saddlebag Lane

“What is the current status of any pending or past lawsuits involving the Association and/or Declarant”?

There is no pending litigation in which the Association is a party. Any past litigation in which the Association was a party has been resolved. The Association has no information regarding pending or past litigation in which the Declarant was a party.

Linda Lulkovich – 4440 S. Mogollon Trail – Lot 6

“The June 2 Whispering Pines blog contains an excellent article on Declarant Transfer of Control to Association. Some questions related to the Blog are:

 For clarification, is the statement “Until all lots within the village have been conveyed to ultimate purchasers” limited to the lots within Units 2, 3, and 4”?


 “Why are some of the lots in Unit 3 on hold and when will they be released for sales by the Declarant”?

 This question requires a long explanation and will be the subject of a blog post in the near future.

 “Transition will take time so why wait until the last lot is sold?  A Transition Committee could be put in place to prepare prior to Declarant conveying when the last lot is sold.  Transition is a long and detailed process.  Declarant working with the Transition Committee would reflect goodwill as well as a sincere desire to hand over control with organization and transparency”.

 The Board put a Transition Committee in place and announced it at the Annual meeting. There will be ongoing communication via the blog concerning issues related to the transition.

“Bocce ball court is still not finished. Materials are not nearly compacted enough and it has not been leveled. Status?”

Mountains Best will inspect the bocce ball court to evaluate the compaction. However, please be advised that when the court is leveled, water must be added to help with compaction. That is why a faucet was installed. There is a leveling tool available for Members to use. Ray Hedlund knows where it is and how to use it. Members will need to do the leveling and compacting themselves as that is part of having a bocce ball court.

“To be effective, the Advisory Committee needs to represent their constituents. There is no established method of communication that I know of. Further, many in the Village have no idea of the committee, its representatives or function. Suggest a general meeting be held to educate and inform as well as distribute pertinent information and establish lines of communication. This should NOT be in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. But, the Annual Meeting is a good place to distribute their Mission/Purpose Statement and forms like this one for feedback”.

The Advisory Committee has been the subject of fifteen blog posts. These articles have introduced members of the committee, highlighted accomplishments and begged for volunteers. To find these articles, access the blog through the Village People website and scroll down. On the right side, under categories is a selection for Advisory Committee. Click on it and find all articles related to the Advisory Committee. In addition, there is a section on the Village People website dedicated to the Advisory Committee. The member’s names and a contact email address are available on the website as well. The Charter will be added within a few weeks as well as a suggestion form.

Frankie Coulter – Lot 101

“Has lot 30 sold? No signs on lot”.

Lot 30 is sold and closed escrow at the end of May. As a reminder, the proceeds will be used to upgrade the sewer in preparation for City of Show Low to assume. This is in process and the Board is not in a position at this time to announce when it will take place. When it is finalized, it will be announced to everyone via the blog.

“Street repair. Multiple concerns voiced regarding damaged area with rebar sticking up on Turtle Creek. Marked with a large X as you leave Recreation Loop down onto Turtle Creek.”

Street repair is a work in progress. Mountains Best is in the process of getting bids and is aware of all of these issues.

Gloria Bitting and Harriet Nelson – 2100 E. Turtle Creek Road – Lot 176

“One year ago we brought to your attention the road work problem on Turtle Creek Road.  Was told the declarant and others would physically check the condition and that corrective action would be taken this past winter.  As of this date nothing has been done.  In fact the road’s condition has worsened and a 12″ piece of rebar has come up in the exact area mentioned and originally pointed out.  Someone has “bent” the rebar – but it still presents a serious hazard both to vehicular traffic and pedestrians.  When will the necessary repair occur?  I personally back my vehicle up the Turtle Creek road to avoid possibly a flat tire or other damage”.

This was physically inspected when promised. The contractor that repaired the concrete roads in the past is no longer available and it has been difficult finding reliable contractors to repair the roads. However, Mountains best has been working to find someone. The issue on Turtle Creek should be addressed the week of June 19th.

“We understood when the developer who built the rv park at the entrance to the village would be responsible for road maintenance from the entrance to the end of his property.  It appears nothing has been done to maintain that area”.

The Association is responsible to maintain all roads in the Village. Woodfield is billed for its share of maintenance from the entrance of the Village to the entrance to Woodfield. An inspection of that area notes no major or critical maintenance issues.

“Another issue is the horrible condition of the decorative rusted gate coming into WMVV.  It was painted last year – but not done professionally (sanding of the metal prior to painting).  Is there any oversight of work done here”?

The gate is not meant to be decorative. In 2016 the gate was vandalized. Someone painted it black. That same year, it was brought back to its rustic condition. It looks the way it was intended from the beginning.

“At the same time I brought up the Turtle Creek Road problem I pointed out the ditch on the left side of Recreation Loop from the point across from the Sales Office was again filled with erosion debris which will again flood with the upcoming monsoon season and the water will go over the earthen embankment and flood into residents’ property.  Can you arrange for this area to be cleaned out again”?


Wayne Eiting – Lot 128

“I am writing regarding the entry road into White Mountain Vacation Village. The Board became stewards of our assets the moment the first lot was sold to someone other than the developer. The Board can be held accountable as a group and individually should it be established that they have not acted in the best interest of WMVV owners. Accordingly, I am inquiring as to the current status of the agreement between WMVV and the Woodfield development.

 Clearly, the land we call Woodfield required proper access in order for the property to be legally transferred. That said, it appears to me that our WMVV Board gave the Woodfield developer a pass by granting access on the road owned by WMVV without proper compensation. This could be considered a conflict of interest in order for the owner of the property, who happens to be one of the Board members, to liquidate the property without incurring the cost for proper access.

 In my view, the Woodfield property should be required to pay for one half of the cost to construct the road from the highway to their entrance. Additionally once they become co-owners they should also be required to pay for half of the future road maintenance in that span of roadway. I contend that any income derived by the sale or granting of access should be used toward satisfying the debt on the WMVV clubhouse.

 Further, that stretch of road also abuts additional non WMVV property and I ask if we are to see further occurrences of access granting under similar circumstances like the one for the Woodfield property”?

Woodfield was required to agree to share the costs of maintaining the easement (Vacation Village Drive) in proportion to use. The attorney for the Association provided the agreement. It is seven pages long and has been recorded in Navajo County. It includes not only maintenance of the roadway but a share of the lighting contract, electric for the lighting, landscaping and snow removal. In addition, Woodfield was required to pay the Association a one-time, upfront payment for access. The funds collected are allocated to Reserves for asphalt repair.

 Vacation Village Drive is a dedicated easement for ingress and egress for all property abutting it. As other parcels sell access will be provided via the easement along with a proportional cost sharing agreement.

Chuck Vore – Lot 40

“How close are we to taking over the HOA?”

Please refer to the blog post of June 2, 2018

Steven Fruetel – Lot 94

“Do they do a nighttime drive by to monitor lighting variance? Many properties have lighting that is above the permitted wattage. Does HOAMCO monitor this?”

HOAMCO does not do a nighttime drive by to monitor lighting. Residents can contact Sherry Watson with concerns about non-compliance with the lighting rules.

Richard Schaefer – 2181 Tenderfoot Trail – Lot 125 and Jeff Miller 2240 E. Tenderfoot Trail

“Requesting removal of speedbumps on Elizabeth because it has caused traffic to increase on Tenderfoot Trail”.

Mountains Best will be asked to assess the situation before the speedbumps are positioned in 2019.

Donna Holick – Lot 55

“Please post a map of layout of remaining properties for sale that would use Vacation Village Drive.”

It will be a separate blog posting.

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