Canine Canons

Image result for barking dog cartoon imagesPeople have dogs for many reasons; companionship, protection, exercise, stress reduction.  It goes without saying that a pet comes with lots of responsibilities and one person’s pleasure can be another person’s pain. The Village is a high-density community and one barking dog can start a chain reaction that quickly gets out of control. In addition, dogs wandering off-lease onto private property can be annoyance even to people who have pets themselves.

While the Village does not have rules regarding pets, the City of Show Low does and those apply to the Village. Following are some excerpts taken from the City of Show Low Animal City Code. These snippets apply to dogs in particular.

Sec. 6-1-2.

Violations; penalties

Any owner or other person violating any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil violation, except where otherwise specifically provided; and such person shall be guilty of a separate offense for each and every day or portion thereof during which any violation of this chapter is committed or permitted. (Ord. No. 143, § 2, 6-24-81; Ord. No. 2004-14, § 6, 7-6-04; Ord. No. 2004-20, §§ 1-2, 9-21-04)

 Barking Dogs

Disturbing the peace of another person by allowing your dog to bark or make any other objectionable noise is a violation of City Code.

​Sec. 6-1-6.

Disturbing the peace
​Any owner whose animal disturbs the peace and quiet of any person any time of the day or night by barking, whining, howling, crowing, braying, burrowing or by making any other similar objectionable noise in an excessive, continuous or untimely fashion is guilty of a civil violation. (Ord. No. 143, § 2, 6-24-81; Ord. No. 194, § 2, 2-8-84; Ord. No. 2004-20, §§ 1-2, 9-21-04)

​Citizens wishing to file a formal complaint on a barking dog are required to fill out a barking dog packet and must be willing to testify in court. The barking dog packet can be filled out on-line Barking Dog Packet or obtained by visiting the Show Low Police Department (150 North 6Th Street). Once the packet is filled out you can take it to the Police Department and request to speak with Animal Control.

Sec. 6-1-8.

Disposal of waste

It is unlawful for any person whose animals defecate on property they do not own to fail to immediately clean up and properly dispose of the waste. (Ord. No. 2004-20, §§ 1-2, 9-21-04)

Regarding the requirement that dogs be on a leash when not on the owner’s property, the following was found on the City of Show Low website.

Dogs are not to run loose in the City of Show Low. If a dog is not contained in a fenced yard, it is required to be restrained by a leash. View the City Code for more information.

Please be a considerate neighbor; walk your dog on a leash, pick up poop and control barking.

4 thoughts on “Canine Canons

  1. How do we control the loose animals that find us from the Ellsworth area? Large dog leaves deposits, cat sits under my bird feeder. I don’t intend to corner a large dog to see what collar it might be wearing. Nan Nasser 4420 Mogollon dr


  2. Call Show Low Animal Control when you see a loose animal. If the animal has left before they arrive you can give a description and the direction it went. A cell phone photo would also be helpful.


  3. Whatever happened to common sense? Dah….if dog’s are barking go talk to your neighbor if that doesn’t work then I guess you could file a complaint with our so called HOA or the Police department. If people don’t pick up after their dog…..rub the owners 👃 nose in it👍 So we have to remember we’re in the Beautiful Wood’s The 🐕 Dog issue is kinda like the speeding issue and I want to thank those who have slowed down on Elizabeth , be we ALL need to Slow Down on all our streets. We need to all get along , respect each other or stay in the valley , Tucson , Green valley or wherever and enjoy are block walls and drive like crazy.


  4. Poop and excessive barking are not the only dog related problems. There are many irresponsible residents who allow their dogs to urinate on other peoples’ property and/or on the ornaments. I take great offense to these inconsiderate people and do not appreciate raking up pine needles or leaves that are saturated with dog piss. My property is not your personal doggie run!


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