The Bats

Image result for bats images cartoonThese interesting animals roost at the clubhouse every year. We are aware of the mess they are making and have asked Mountains Best to clean it up on a regular basis.

Bats are protected so we are unable to remove them at this point in the summer. Please refer to the blog post of September 12, 2017 for information regarding these interesting creatures.


2 thoughts on “The Bats

  1. We too deal with bats in Tucson. Our exterminator recommended an electrical noise box that causes bats to leave, and recommended mothballs for extra repellent. Since we have used the box and put some moth balls out the bats have moved away from our front door. The box was purchased at Ace Hardware.


  2. We have attempted to help re-home the bats with a bat habitat on our property (lot 23 in the lodges). If we can find a way to lure them to the habitat, maybe that will help with the problem. Turning lights off at the clubhouse could be a great start.


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