What is This Thing Sitting Over There?

Contributed by Ray Hedlund, Advisory Committee Chair

According to Wikipedia an information centre is a “center designed specifically for storing, processing, and retrieving information for dissemination at regular intervals, on demand or selectively, according to express needs of users.”

When we first came to White Mountain Vacation Village it was winter and no one around to talk to us about our terrific place. After we bought, it took us some time to find some answers to our questions that were specific to our needs. Later, I discovered that we actually had four scattered bulletin boards, no real newsletter and limited developer conversation.  To solve some of these issues I appealed to the Board and some solutions are now working their way into our system. These solutions include the Whispering Pines blog, the Advisory Committee and the Information Center. All are intended to improve our home owner communications/information.

Last season was a start!  Hopefully this season we will begin to see the value increase.


  1. It’s over in the corner so it’s away from the crowded door, in camera range, accessible 24/7 365 days a year.
  2. It’s intended for use by all involved in our Village. All Advisory Committee members have keys to post something. There are seven on the committee so someone should be here most of the season. The Advisory Committee members’ names are listed separately on one of the six boards. Contact them in person when in the Village or use their provided contact info.
  3. There are 6 panels. Initially we have six headers so you can post in the correct area. If these do not work this year we will change them to be more appropriate next year. Below is our vision for use.
  4. Panel 1 is dedicated to the history of our Village.
  5. Panels not in order: Advisory Committee projects that are being discussed and worked on for submission.
  6. Activities Committee has a panel to post events, pictures, schedules, bocce ball events, winners and any communications any one wants to post.
  7. Resales of existing properties privately or with your real estate agent. Rental of your property with or without a broker.
  8. Had a good experience with someone? Post a card for a handyman, AC work, washer dryer repair, trailer leveling, painting, cement, electrical, you get the idea!
  9. Something to sell: Used furniture, light fixture, tools, generator, pipe, plants, roofing, etc. Wanted items can be posted as well.
  10. Forest Service tips and bulletins, planting success stories, pine beatle info.
  11. Not everyone uses a computer, so we will try to post Whispering Pines articles for better circulation
  12. Inside the display boards we have extra push pins and blank 3 x 5 cards. Please date your postings

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