24 is an Interesting Number

Image result for 24Contributed by Ray Hedlund Advisory Committee Chair

It’s a milestone that’s thought provoking in many ways. It’s almost a quarter of one hundred. It’s bigger than the age of majority. It’s also a milestone! It is the largest single year of lot sales in the history of our Village.

Think about it strongly. It’s a marker that friends, relatives, and ourselves have decided that this is the place to be. The price is right, the timing and weather have added to rapid sales of new lots.  So what does this mean for our future?

2018 will probably find a lot of new development of sites. New park models, new construction, and a lot of construction traffic clogging the streets. Please be careful to give the right of way to those pieces of equipment needed to turn lots into homes. Try to keep your part of the traffic puzzle clear. Help the flow of incoming prospective lot buyers finding their dream lot, yet move safely around the Village.

I suspect that the weather will be hotter, the economy still strong if not robust. This should help our rate of sales and resales and move the date of developer handoff closer to reality. The handoff date is still elusive as the lot sales will depend on the buyer’s imagination to develop the remaining and some say challenging shaped/sloped lots. The better ones sell faster so tell your friends.

Your Advisory Committee has been working with the Board to improve some items and to solve some issues brought to us by owners. We have had two years of actual progress. We have tried to think proactively about what is needed now and in the future. The most obvious advances have been the bocce ball addition, horseshoe improvements, information center, club house blinds and tables.  We have a raft of issues that we are working on now with the Board.  All projects have been done within budget and with no increase in fees.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of seven members representing the different areas of the Village. It’s a nonpaying job filled with volunteers approved by the Board who love our Village. Currently we have two openings on the committee. We are looking to fill them with spirited owners who want to make our Village a better place and /or protect our investment in our summer homes.  We meet about four times a season, take in remarks from our neighbors and make the best judgement calls to better our community. Our operational philosophy is that any and all thoughts can be discussed as long as they are presented in a positive way.

At the end of last season the chair of the Activities Committee resigned. This group is responsible for all of the fun events that many of us look forward to. It’s my understanding that many of the people who spearheaded weekly activities will be returning to head up their events, but as of today no one has stepped up to chair this group. I cannot imagine a season without organized activities, but it looks like that’s where we’re headed. If you have enjoyed these events in the past and have thought that you could contribute NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!   WHITE MOUNTAIN VACATION VILLAGE ACTIVITIES needs you. Raise your hand by contacting me.

If you’re ready to step up and work toward making our Village a better place to be, contact me. I will be happy to discuss any questions you have and get you the application form.  If you have issues to discuss but don’t want to join just yet, use the same contact info: Advisory@WMVV.Org.

2 thoughts on “24 is an Interesting Number

  1. Why do we have a bocce ball court with nothing set up? How many thousands

    ands did that cost? Who got to vote? I would like to play bocce, but now the court just rests


  2. ALL GOOD QUESTIONS: Here are my answers!
    The court was set up late last year. We had some issue to resolve, Lighting, Boulder removal, Score board construction.While this was going on the Horse shoe pits were corrected. It took time. As of today the court is ready for play. The ball kit is available in the Library shelf area. Be aware that since this is the start of the season and you may be first to use this year it will probably take some initial raking. ( Bring your own rake) and then brooming flat. The broom is hanging on the pavilion wall near the light switch. Have fun and thanks for doing the initial clean up!

    The Activities Committee is charged with social events and guess what Activities! However we do not have a Activities Chairman. Discussed in the 24 number posting. This group should be responsible for organizing clubs or tournament type of play for both Bocce and Horseshoes. I have one lone volunteer for organizing Bocce from last year. I will check to see if his health is good for the 2018 season and let you know.

    On construction issues. Our developer is in control of our WMVV HOA until the last lot is sold. Referred to as hand off in the 24 interesting number post. about 3 years ago in the interest of having existing owners represented an advisory committee was formed. I have chaired this group of 7 volunteered owners. Presently we have 2 openings that are not filled. I asked for volunteers 2 times now with no takers. This committee works toward providing the Board of directors with thoughts and ideas on how to improve our village. There is no voting. The board considers our recommendations and then makes financial decisions and implementations as they see fit. All of the accepted recommendations that were implemented by the Board were done so without a increase in dues.

    Sue you were the first to reply to the 24 posting about anything> THANK YOU! can you help either of our committees by joining up. We are moving closer to Hand off from developer to owners then ever before in History. It won’t be long before everything we do in our Village will be controlled by ourselves.

    If you would like to discuss these issues please feel free to contact me personally at:
    rhedlund2@cox.net and we will set up a phone call or if necessary a conference call to include those needed.

    Ray Hedlund
    Advisory Committee Chirman


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