Speed Bump Observations

Image result for race car cartoon imagesThe speed bumps are removed every fall in anticipation of winter snows as the snowplow will wreak havoc on them.  When they were removed this year, the Village streets turned into a NASCAR race track. This fact serves to reinforce the need for the speed bumps.

Village people have strong opinions on both sides of the speed bump issue. However, in order to facilitate a safe environment for people strolling through the Village, the speed bumps will be put out again this spring.

We have learned a few lessons in the past few years about how many speed bumps are necessary and where best to position them. When people started driving the wrong way on one-way streets, we realized that every street needed speed bumps.

The board takes safety in the Village seriously and the speed bumps will impede people from driving above the posted limit. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Speed Bump Observations

  1. the streets all being one way, the same way is dumb. Example, Saddlebag and Tenderfoot. We go rhe wrong way to avoid the bumps, but arent speeding. Saddlebag is so narrow and so many cars parked halfway in street because their lots are so small, that it is impossible to do anything but creep along.

    question: has anyone been hit walking or driving?


  2. Shouldn’t there be a vote for this? I’ve been in the Village on and off thru New Yr and feel your statement is a gross exaggeration!! Now it seems from your statement that all streets need them? How does that deter wrong way drivers?
    I can say from experience there are residence that have no clue what 15mph sounds like going down those cement streets because I personally have been accused of “flying” down the street and I can say without question it was 15mph! The board is completely wasting our money in this area guaranteed.
    Where can I find what company gets compensated for the speed bumps instaalation and removal every yr?


  3. We agree unfortunately about the need for speed bumps. The road in front of our home is eroding away (Horseshoe Loop near Saddlebag) and I recommend slowing there as it will certainly affect your alignment/tires until it is repaired.


    1. As far as the premature mechanical wear on our cars suspension parts, these speed bumps are worse and I can say that as an ASE master auto tech.
      If the unnecessary speed bumps that exist were removed it would lesson the traffic on the side streets and those monies could be allocated towards the road repair.


  4. Speed humps might work better. One time fee, no removal, snowplows would be able to get over them, and the humps won’t tear up the cars. Also, 15 mph is a bit slow (like some school zones), 25 mph would be more tolerable because it is a residential area.


  5. First, I don’t know where you got your information about the streets turning into a NASCAR raceway after the speed bumps were removed last fall. I was there until Christmas and this was not the case. Are there folks who go more than 15 mph in the summer months? Yes there are, they are for the most part the same few residents, and your workmen. Why not contact the few residents and also ask your workmen again to slow down? Instead of making a unilateral decision for more speed bumps why not have a vote, it’s our money you are spending, our property values that will be impacted.


  6. I think a vote is in order, but doesn’t seem to be what we do anymore. Another example is the bocce ball court………Thought I was an HOA member


  7. Speed bumps have absolutely. NOTHING to do with driving the wrong way on one way streets!!! And nothing to do with safety!!!!


  8. Need to take out existing speed bumps and don’t install any more. We (homeowners) should have a say in what you do as it is our money you are spending . We as owners will have to work on controlling the speeders as we can watch and know who the affenders are . They can then Be fined .


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