Bear Sightings and Dog Poo

Image result for dog pooThere have been reports of bears visiting the Village several times recently. One was seen roaming in the Festival area and one at the entrance to Elk Trot Loop. This is a reminder to keep a distance and no matter how strong the urge, please don’t turn and run. Those guys can move very fast so make some noise when you see them. If you have a dog, maybe it will bark and help with the noise.

Speaking of dogs, there have also been lots of sightings of dog poo. Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your animal. There are bags available so please take advantage of this service. Responsible pet owners and people without pets are getting irritable about seeing and smelling the mess. It’s a tight community with people living very close together. Anything you can do to make life easier is greatly appreciated.

One thought on “Bear Sightings and Dog Poo

  1. As a long term resident of WMVV, I’m appalled at the increasing number of inconsiderate and irresponsible residents who feel it is ok to use other peoples’ property as their personal doggie run. Under the law, this is trespassing. They are your dogs, use your own property, not mine or other residents.

    Most people do pickup the solid waste, however, the pee remains on the ground and on the plants. Needless to say, the scent of the solid waste and pee attracts other dogs who in turn “mark” the area as well. Dog nuisance is a growing problem at WMVV and needs to be addressed by responsible residents, HOAMCO, and if necessary, the Show Low police department.


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