Clubhouse Rumor

Image result for rumorSomeone just posted a question asking if the club house is rented or being purchased along with the land under it. This is not meant to poke fun at the questioner, but this actually made me laugh out loud. One can only guess where such rumors start? Perhaps there is not enough excitement and the Activities Committee should be tasked with hosting more events.

When the clubhouse was built, the funds came from a mortgage. The Recreational Subdivision Association (RSA) could not qualify for the mortgage so it was secured by the developer. In August of 2005 a lease was created between the developer and the RSA in order to repay the mortgage. The lease is a twenty-year instrument and at the end of the lease, the RSA can exercise its option to purchase the clubhouse for the whopping sum of one dollar.

The lease functions just like any other lease agreement in the State of Arizona. The lease gives all rights to use the premises to the RSA. The clubhouse cannot be rented or sold. The ground under the clubhouse isn’t in danger of being sold and neither is the festival area. All of this is the common area that is for the use and enjoyment of all RSA members and their guests.

5 thoughts on “Clubhouse Rumor

  1. It’s not the duty of the acvtivities committee to inform the members.
    If there are rumors going around its up to the board to answers the rumors.


  2. The post’s reference to the Activities Committee was meant to convey an element of humor. Note that no one asked the Activities Committee to inform the Members if there are rumors. Rather, the tongue-in-cheek suggestion was that perhaps by increasing the number of activities, the rumor mongers would have something to do other than conjure up rumors. Finally, it IS up to the Board to address rumors. Hence the post.


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